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It's been four months. The height of Kitten Season came and went without me helping even one kitten find a new home. It was important for me to look after Bob and to make sure to reduce any risks to his health, until he was, at least, stable.

Bob's been doing fairly well. He still vomits, but it's rare and I've only had to medicate him once in two months and NO Vet visits in all that time! Thank goodness. Bob's coat, appetite and demeanor have improved. He seems youthful, in some ways. I actually got him to RUN after a toy just yesterday!

Bob's also integrated himself in with my cats in ways I could not have hoped for. I keep finding him snuggled up with Nora or her brother, Nicky. I think Bob would sleep with all of the cats if they'd only allow it!


In a week, it will be two years since my Mother died and Bob came to live here. I was going to find a good home for him, as the idea of having seven cats was not something I wanted to entertain. Now, I can't imagine him being anywhere else. He is a charming cat with a bubbly personality. He has the goofiest purr and his motor runs most of the time!

This morning I have to prepare the foster room for new arrivals! At 2pm a young tuxedo Mom-cat and her two newborn kittens will be joining us. The kittens were born last Friday, August 1, 2008. They'll need names, so I'll post photos of them and we can have a little contest. It'll be good to have new life here and good timing for it to happen. They will keep my blues at bay. This is a difficult time of year for me and fostering kittens is like opening the blinds to let the sunshine fill the room.

More soon!

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