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Another Homeless Cat

There's a very sweet lady in town who seems to attract homeless cats. Last year I went to her palacial home to photograph a very timid, adult cat. We couldn't bring her in as a foster and she needed socializing. This nice lady kept her in her own room until she could find a forever home. Now I love cats, you know that, but this cat hid under the furniture and cowered in the corner. The best photo I could get of her was not exactly appealing. At least she didn't look terrified!


So little Meadow (above) got adopted. It took a few months, but our nice foster lady didn't mind, as long as the cat got a good home.

Another year has passed and another cat has found her way to Lady H's home. This kitty started out being wild, but in time, no surprise, the cat became friendly. She probably remembered her former life with humans. She ran away from home, or was dumped off. However she found Lady H, along the way, she lost most of her tail.


The kitty is very sweet and playful and spends her days outside. Lady H makes sure she comes in at night to keep her safe from predators and warm, now that winter is slowly approaching. Again, Lady H will have the luxury of time, unlike myself who has to place my foster in two weeks. The more I think about it, the more I feel the need to rebel. It's not fair to put this cat into a shelter where she won't show well and she will begin to revert back to being fearful. She's doing well here and seems very content. I want her to have the luxury of time, but there, supposedly are more kittens waiting to be fostered I being played? Are they telling me they need me to step in when I know the cats are already in a foster home now? Hmmm...

Whatever the case is, this charming stubby tailed cat, who likes to fetch and play with sticks, needs a permanent home. She loves little kids and I think she'd be a great family member!

Now can I please stop having to write about homeless cats and cat who've been dumped?

I wish.

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