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All Good Things...

My babies are adopted!!!!

We're Adopted!!!

After a few weeks of disastrous adopters coming through the foster room, we finally met a really nice couple who were smitten with the kittens. They're excited to be adopting their first pair of females. Up to now, they've always had male cats. Should be an interesting change for them!

I must add that I'm thrilled Poppy and Daisy get to go home together. Although they'll be parted from their Mother on Sunday, they'll be able to enjoy each other's companionship for the rest of their lives.

I hope they will have a happy, healthy, magical life. They are such beautiful girls, too. I will certainly miss them a lot.

Now...what can we do for Mama? She got a reprieve for a few more days. Now she goes to the shelter on Tuesday. I want her in a good home, NOT in a cage!

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