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Adoption Update: Bluebelle & Periwinkle

Two days ago I got food poisoning, for which I'm still recovering from and today I have my “lady cramps from Hell.” I just want to curl up in a ball and die…that is until I read this e-mail from our adopter Stacy and her lovely family about our former fosters, Bluebelle & Periwinkle.

Big Lunch for Little Kittens.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Amberly with her six lovely babies last summer.

I LOVE getting updates from our adopters. It makes my heart soar! This update, is especially wonderful in its' detail and description of how well loved these kittens are and how well they're doing. It makes me think back and realize I'm so very happy that when Maria called me about a lactating cat she found on the road early one summer morning, I didn't hesitate to tell her we'd do whatever it takes to help this kitty-not knowing there were five kittens whose lives were at stake, too. I couldn't have done that without ALL the folks who donated towards the care of this family as well as to Bobby Stanford and Maria for working so hard to get them whatever they needed until I could take them into foster care in Conntecticut.

Blue and Peri were this friendly stray's (who Maria named, Amberly) kittens…yes, the same Amberly who recently went missing for a few days in April (and who my friend Katherine found!) and the same Amberly who was part of the most amazing rescue, ever! You can read more about it HERE and HERE, along with some really AWESOME photos of their rescue, too!

Gray Tabby in Glove.jpg
©2011 Maria S. Bluebelle rescued by Maria!

You must also read the CRAZY STORY about how we ended up meeting Bobby and Maria at BlogPaws 2011 and taking the kittens just before Hurricane Irene hit!

Jack Blue and Peri.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. Bluebelle (left), Jack LiLac (center) and Periwinkle (right) just before Jack and mama-Amberly were adopted together.

This family was unforgettable. Here's the update on Blue and Peri!


Dear Robin,

As we close in on the girl’s first birthday, I thought I’d write again to let you know how they’ve grown- both physically and in our hearts.

Recently I saw you updated your background picture and our beloved Bluebelle was one of the beauties featured. It struck me how much her face has changed yet her eyes are still as beautiful as when she captured our heart as a kitten. I call her my opera kitty because not only is she still as dramatic as ever but the right side coloring of her face has gotten much whiter, like the phantom mask. If you heard her meow you’d swear she was still very much a kitten. Walk into the room and she’s on her back begging for you to brush her or rub her tummy. She has grown much closer with my soon-to-be 13 year old daughter which is quite a feat since as some 13 year old girls are wont to do, she would much rather read, draw or surf the net than interact with anyone. When Alexandra is near ready for school each morning, Blue will meow to her until my daughter says, “okay, let’s go!” and the two of them will run upstairs for cuddle and play time before the bus comes. Alexandra left for a two day field trip to Boston just yesterday and when I expressed surprise over her parting tears, she answered, “I’m going to miss Bluebelle SO MUCH!”

©2012 Stacy Nunes-Ranchy. Bluebelle, whose first birthday is in a few days.

As for our sweet Periwinkle, she’s known as “Momma’s cat”. As you had warned me, I’ve had to watch the way I walk because often there is a cat in between each step. You’ll get no complaints from me though, she’s excellent company. Much more dog than cat some days, she loves to fetch and follows my ‘up, up’ command when I can steal some cuddles-on-the-bed time with her. If there’s a moment that she knows I’m home but isn’t sure where I am, any time I answer her cry (which sounds remarkably like ‘hello?’) she’ll come meet me, usually with a toy to share. Her favorite toy isn’t even a cat toy but a bath poof shaped like a rose that she’ll take in her mouth and walk around the house, announcing to all through muffled meow that she hopes someone will toss it for her. Peri’s look hasn’t changed as much as Blue’s, at least not in her face, although both girls are showing more peach than they did as kittens. Their coat is still super soft and when anyone remarks on it, I happily inform them that it is because of the kitties’ grain-free diet.

A few months ago while my husband was on one of his many overseas business trips, we had a field mouse in the house and while it survived its first encounter with the kitties, it never got a third chance to play. They were playful with it at first, taking turns with capture and release, but when I had had enough and tried to get it from them, Blue put it out of its misery. There were lots of cuddles, treats and expressions of gratitude that day!

Much like my human children, these kitty sisters have such different personalities. Bluebelle is very content to lie around, soak in the sun and be fussed over. Periwinkle enjoys a cuddle but loves to play with such gusto. Their kitty spats, are very brief and usually end in mutual grooming, it’s quite funny to see them go from wrestling right into cuddles.

Peri small.jpg
©2012 Stacy Nunes-Ranchy. Happy Birthday, Periwinkle!

If it isn’t already apparent by this (longer than I usually spend writing about anything else) email, let me say that these girls are truly a part of this family. We’re forever grateful that we came across Kitten Associate’s website when we did. I’ve included two pictures of the girls (I hope they’re not too large) so you can see how they’ve grown. Although we certainly wish it could be much more, we will be making a donation to your organization for Peri and Blue’s 1st birthday as thanks for bringing these lovely girls into our life.

With much appreciation for all you do,

Stacey, Bruno, Alexandra, Amélie, Perriwinkle and Bluebelle

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