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4:50 PM EST

Okay. Happy and Elmo are eating canned cat food! They LOVE it! I've given them a few different ones to try out, so I suspect I will be enjoying the pungent aroma of kitten poop any time now. I already found some on the floor. Lovely!I'm have quite the time of it trying to keep the room clean. Seems like an endless, hopeless chore.

...and mom still hates my guts!

Then there's "Mama's Boy-Jelly-Belly." He will not eat, lap up, taste, anything. He's driving me insane. I got some advice about getting food into him and I already force fed him some KMR. This afternoon I let him out of his crate, only to find he was covered with food chunks-hadn't eaten and ran to Mom to get fed. Thankfully, Mom would not comply, either. Good for you nasty-Mom!

I wrangled Jelly back into his crate and gave him fresh KMR and fresh canned plus baby food. Of course he ignored it. He is such a sweet cat. I am still terrified he'll die on my watch. This is a battle of wills and I aim to win, but not at the cost of his young life.

Tonight I'll give him more KMR and baby food blended into a thin gruel, to help him get used to the taste of meat. I really hope he turns around soon. Separating him from the other stinks AND I caught him going after his sister, as if to nurse off her back end. I've been through this before, it's detailed in my Foster Cat Diary. I got him away from Happy immediately, but it just shows how badly he wants to nurse.

I am going to win this battle!

...I hope.

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