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4:04 PM EST

Bob is stable and continues to be on an IV. Dr. Larry wants him to stay overnight, continue with IV fluid therapy and just rest. Obviously, Bob's had a rough few days and the rest and additional fluids should be beneficial to him.

The blood test results were not overly impressive. His white blood cell count is normal, as are most of his other levels. His ALT is higher than it was in the past, at 551 now, and was at 416 eight months ago. Everything else was fine. This is basically good news, but why Bob can't keep food down, is the big question. He won't be fed until tomorrow morning. That will be the true test. After a nice long rest, will he be able to finally eat?

I don't have a problem with Bob staying overnight if I knew he wasn't going to be alone. My Vet doesn't run 24/7, so after 6pm, Bob will be alone until 8am tomorrow. I have no idea how I will sleep tonight. I would rather get a blanket and sleep at the Vet's. Or maybe I should have moved Bob over to a facility that IS open around the clock? I have to have faith in my Vet, but this is tough for me. I don't want to make the wrong choice for Bob, but I don't have all the answers, so how can I?

My Vet is so great. He did offer to stop by later tonight when he's out with his family and check in on Bob. This is why he's my Vet. He really cares.

Good night, Bob. Get some rest, my dear. I hope to see you tomorrow, feeling better and more like your fine self.

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