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2 May 2008

Jelly STILL won't eat anything. How long can a 7 week old kitten go before they DIE? Okay. I need to calm down. Last night I did let Jelly out for an hour and I'm sure he went to Mom's Milk Bar and had something because when I went to check on him, he burped. A sure sign of a full belly.

I locked him up all last night and only let him out for a few minutes this morning while I pulled together the three different meal choices for both Jelly and another set for his siblings. They have grain-free dry, KMR and a blend of canned food plus chicken baby food.

His sister, Happy, is great. She's eating cat food, which is awesome. Her little brother, Elmo still prefers his KMR. Now if Jelly would eat SOMETHING, I could let him out of the dog crate to join his family. In four more days, Mama is going away...forever. Boohoo! I'd be happy to let Jelly out so he could have some time with her before she goes for her spay surgery.

More in a bit...

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