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1.5 Billion Dreams

I can’t help but fantasize, along with the rest of the people in this country, about what I’d do if I won the 1.5 billion dollar Powerball jackpot tonight. I wonder if that is part of the allure? The dream that for minimum effort, just shell out a few bucks for a ticket, and a magical windfall appears. You’d go from being the 99% to the 1% in a heartbeat.

You’d quit your job, tell your boss off, buy a fleet of new cars, a new house, pay off your debt and maybe help out a few family members and friends, but then what?

Here’s where things get really interesting. For a jackpot of that size, here are some BIG IDEAS, things I would do and some things you might do, too:

1. Create a Foundation that serves people who do rescue. We’d offer programs to help offset compassion fatigue, have conferences where they can increase their skills but also, network and get the support of new friends, it would also be a vacation for them, where they could get some spa time or special events to give them something back for their hard work. All costs would be covered AND there would be grants to those who need it to cover some of their living expenses or help them get a new car or whatever other support they need.

2. Build a state-of-the-art veterinary hospital that provides low-cost care and free spay/neuter. Rescues would get the most benefit, then low-income families could apply for membership and be able to come in and get care for their pets. We’d have oncology, cardiology, internal medicine and more. No pet would have to be put down because the owner couldn’t afford it.

3. Team up with other non-profits and help them provide more arts and music programs in schools and build tiny homes for homeless people. No one should have to be without shelter.

4. Help the bees. Support programs that encourage appropriate methods to keep the bee population from failing. I’d build a huge organic garden and keep bees.

5. You could buy yourself a Lobbyist and make some big changes in regards to animal welfare or whatever you want to have change.

6. You could run for Congress.

7. You could buy up all the licenses to go trophy hunting in Africa so no one could kill any more animals and also hire a lot more people to protect those animals instead of help them get killed.

8. You could personally fund research into curing whatever you want.

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You’d also have to face the fact that everyone would be after you for a handout for the rest of your life so there are things that would really suck about winning Powerball.

1. You’d have to hire body guards right away. I can’t even imagine how you’d get from your home to the Powerball HQ to claim your prize without someone trying to hurt you to get it. After that you’d still have to have protection and so would your family members. Can you spell kidnapping?

2. You’d have to change your phone number, protect your social media and email accounts because hackers might go after you (it happened to a friend of mine who was part of the Sandy Hook tragedy and he got his phone and email accounts hacked into).

3. You’d have to see a lawyer and financial advisor right away to make sure you have an updated Will and that you have a place to put all that money. What banks hold that sort of load? Remember those signs you see at the bank that say your deposit is only insured for what...$100,000.?

4. You’d always wonder who your real friends are after you win and you’d always be expected to pay for everything (which is probably not a big deal, but you’d feel like you were being used).

5. It might cause you to lose your relationships with your partner, friends and family. After all if you can do whatever you want, buy whatever you want, maybe you don’t need those people in your life any more or you don’t want to feel like you’re being taken advantage of. Would you end up being a recluse?

6. You might get sued by crazy people who want a piece of your fortune and have no other way to get it so any slight by you or nothing at all could cause a firestorm response.

7. Your life as you know it would be over and maybe there’s a lot of it that you truly love. Maybe you couldn’t volunteer any more because your presence would be too much of a distraction or it’s just not safe for you to be out and about? You could lose a lot of your freedom even though you’re free from having to worry about money issues.

8. You’d probably never stop being bothered by people who want something from you.

Now I’m wondering if I should have bought a Powerball ticket after all.


Did you buy a Powerball ticket? Did you spend a crazy amount of money on extra tickets? What would you do if you won the jackpot? Hey, don’t forget the little people—and in little I mean ME, if you win!


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