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You've Got to be Kidding!

Not on My Watch: Out of Danger, but MANY Need a Home.

Last week I got a plea from Betsy Merchant, our friend at Henry Humane. She wanted to pull three older kittens, get them spayed/neutered, get their shots and GET THE THE HELL OUT OF HENRY CO. CARE & CONTROL, who we know euthanizes 95% of all the cats they take in-young or old.

Last week, I asked YOU to help me help Henry Humane pay for these services by asking for donations of as little as $1 to as much as you could comfortably give.

You answered my request with grace and generosity. In ONE DAY we raised $700. Some of the donations were just $1, but we did it by the large number of folks who donated. See how awesome things are when we all take it upon ourselves to be involved?

That money will go to the continued care of the kittens below, after their vetting is complete, so they can be fed and have clean litter until the day comes that they are adopted. They are no longer on DEATH ROW because of all of us!

AC 6.28.10 017_res.jpg
To adopt these cuties, visit Glory and Jefferson on Petfinder!

Not only that, but because we have EXTRA money, Betsy has been inspired by us to do more! She is looking to find another "Condo" (cage set up) so she can try to squeeze a few more kittens into Henry Humane, the little non-profit that stands by, trying to help as many as they can.

AC 6.30.10 024_res.jpg
Put a smile on this boy's face! Visit THOMAS on Petfinder!

Betsy has more kittens and cats that need help. Some have been waiting years for a home. FOR EACH CAT WE FIND THEM HOMES FOR, then Betsy can PULL MORE CATS OFF DEATH ROW and bring them to Henry Humane!! These cats come fully vetted for $100. Which is SUPER cheap considering if you had all that stuff done at most Vets it would be a few hundred dollars!

You live too far from Georgia? Heck no. I'm sure we can arrange transport to your area. Just ask. It doesn't hurt to ask, right?

Here are the kitties who've been looking for a home for a LONG time! Let's get the word out and see if we can find them a forever home!

First up, the furry fun factory --- Patience and Prudence:



Her sister, Prudence


Next, Sabrina




Not to play favorites, but...HOW THE HECK IS THIS CAT NOT ADOPTED??? Meet ARK


Another cutie...heck, they all are...Shadow Is he on the right or left? I don't know! I'd take 'em both!






Please, just spread the word on these kitties. All they ever wanted was a home to call their own. Let's help them find one! Thank you!


YOU MUST CALL HENRY CO. AT (770) 288-7401 BEFORE 7AM TOMORROW JUNE 23 or this family will be euthanized. They are OUT OF SPACE at this shelter. Other mamas and kittens are also going to be put down.

If any GA licensed rescue group can provide a foster space for this family or any other mama and kittens at Henry Co., I will make sure to help you with fundraising for these cats. We can find the money, we need someone to go get those cats tomorrow! Please!


Really really awesome family! Mom ID# 6/7-2237 is young and super sweet, her 3 kits are just gorgeous and over the hump so to speak, they are older toddlers and fat healthy butterballs.

AC 6.9.10 135.jpg

AC 6.9.10 137.jpg

As always with nursing families they are available to Georgia Dept of Ag licensed rescues only. If you choose to seek out of state help please be prepared to use your in state license.

**Please Note; When forwarding, crossposting, or re-posting I ask that you leave this message intact exactly as it was written by me. I do not give permission to post my message, part of my message, or my photographs on Craig's List. Thank you for your help and support, and for respecting my wishes.**
Betsy Merchant~

We are very rescue friendly and are more than happy to work with any rescue group as long as the group has a valid Georgia Department of Agriculture license! Any rescue group, whether in or out of state, that takes pets from Georgia shelters, is required, by Georgia law, to have a rescue license issued by the Georgia Department of Agriculture's Animal Protection Division. Having tax exempt status is not the same as a license. For more information on obtaining a license, please call (404) 656-4914.


Henry County Animal Care and Control

527 Hampton Street

McDonough, Georgia 30253

(770) 288-7401

Our Hours:

Monday-Friday: 9 am-4:30 pm

Saturday: 9 am-1 pm

Sunday: Closed

County Observed Holidays: Closed

The shelter is located at 527 Hampton Street in McDonough. We are located south of Atlanta off I-75. Take exit 218 and head east on 20/81

toward McDonough. Our address is 527 Hwy 20/81 East.

For all other information regarding ordinances, county codes, and other functions of Henry County Animal Care and Control please visit

Foster Cat Journal: Day 6. Sex and the City 2

I didn't have much time to spend with Candy today. I had to dash off early; okay it was 11 AM, to meet my friend, Marcia so we could see Sex & the City 2. I felt bad about leaving Candy, but I didn't expect any changes from her today since last night she wasn't too friendly and was back to her uber-hissy routine.

I'd been looking forward to get a hit of chick-flick-bliss. The last movie (I tried) to watch was Inglorious Basterds, which I would guess is about as far from chick-flick as you can get.

I'm sad to say that after watching S&TC2, I'm still longing for that chick-flick-high. I'm the perfect demographic for this movie. I should have loved it! Instead, acting was stiff and the costuming bordered on ridiculous, no, it WAS ridiculous! Yes, fashion dares to push us in new directions, make a statement, but does a bright red dress with metal spikes on the shoulders say "dare" or "don't you dare make this actress look like a punk rock Michael Jackson (sans glove)!"?

I wear black stretchy pants. I no nothing about fashion, but I do know about common sense and I'm sorry, but the Emperor is NAKED. In fact, naked might have been better.

There were NO cats of any kind in this movie and just one token pocket Yorkie. How can the characters have any soul without a pet? Sure, they have perfectly clean apartments and their garments are not covered in cat hair, but really. Where is the plot without some fluffy cat scratching up Carrie's perfect sofa or peeing inside her closet door!

Lastly, I'm sorry but Kim Catrell, I will never be thin or in great shape, the way you are (so kudos to you), but honey, you are too old for some of the lines you yelled out at any guy you thought you could hump. You don't even wait to find out if the guy is available before you say you are “open to anything and available all day and night.” When you're 30 and you say that, sure it's tacky, but you can get away with it. When you're a bit (a lot)...OLDER, it comes off as desperate and made my skin crawl. Wouldn't it have been more interesting to find out what “Samantha” was like as a woman who decided that 30 years of screwing around was tiring and maybe it was time to grow up? It doesn't mean you give up your sexuality, but it shouldn't be so important to flaunt it all the time. Maybe she was afraid of losing her "power" over men? That said, what does that say about women? There's a long conversation for all of us-how we use our sexuality as power over men, but this is not the place to delve into that subject.

Yes, this is a blog about cats, but it's my Blog so I can stray (pardon the rescue pun) if I need to! So one more thing-Carrie. What are you thinking? Another character that needs to grow up. The truth is, that you get married and the romance fades away. Sure it comes back from time to time, but it's never going to be like it was during all those years of you courting Mr. Big and vice versa. There's nothing wrong with watching tv or (gasp!) learning to cook a meal once in awhile. Does going out to galas and spending a sick amount of money on yourself really make the world a better place? You're living with Mr. Big! What is your problem? You're loaded! What worries do you have? My God...

Perhaps if the economy was in better shape or I was 15 years younger, I might fall for this stuff, but get real. People are struggling and suffering. Watching four well-to-do women worry about themselves and no one else, is irritating.

I got home from the movie and spent some time with Candy. She knows nothing about the foolishness of humans, only that they scare her. I sat with her, as I do, with my legs crammed in front of the open door of the dog crate. I sit as long as I can stand it, while my legs fall asleep. I jiggle the new toys I got her and gave her some treats which she ignored. She didn't seem to hiss as much and it took less time for her to come towards me.

I felt impatient about Candy's progress, so I decided to just give her a bigger push. After I brushed her and snuck in a few pets, I gave her chicken baby food from a spoon. She was sitting right next to me. My legs were buzzing. I wanted to move them, but I didn't dare. I jabbed my finger into the can of baby food and offered it to her. Instead of hissing, she licked it off!

Hee, hee, hee, right off my finger!

I grabbed my camera. I knew I only had one shot before she ran off, so I made it work. I also didn't want to take my eyes off her in case she was going to bite me. I got the shot, then I moved my hand a bit and she walked into my lap, looking for more chicken. I petted her and fed her. She PURRED. She let me pet her for a short time, then jumped down-completely blasè about the whole thing!

Just when I figured things were going at a slower pace, she surprises me again. So far I have not had her try to bite or claw me. This is great news! Of course, she had to turn and hiss a little bit when she was done getting a snack, but I ignored her and moved on. Kinda like how I felt about the characters in S&TC2. They need to move on (and please GOD, get some less dopey looking clothing).


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