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Cat Love: Jack and Alice

Submitted by AnnaBanana74

And they didn't even need eHarmony.


Back at the Vet, but This Time Good News

Bob needed to be groomed and Deb the Uber Vet Tech, (aka.,Aunt Debbie) was up for the task. As Bob rested comfortably on the pet scale, we noticed his weight is back up. He's now at 16 pounds! Woof!

Dr. Larry came in and did a check up and looks like Bob's finally over the worst of having upper respiratory problems. Yay! I was also concerned about Bob's vision and his overall creakiness getting around the house.

Bob's eyes are just fine and to keep his joints feeling more comfortable, we'll start him on Dasuquin and see how he does.

Baba at the Vet_sm.jpg

It's been a remarkable journey-the past two and a half years. Bob came to my home in very bad shape. He'd never been properly vetted his entire life and only fed grain filled food. He tested positive for FIV, had 6 teeth removed and his blood tests showed diabetes and a bad liver. We discovered he had a serious pancreatitis flare up, possibly due to also having heamobartonella and that put Bob into the hospital for weeks on end. I thought he'd never make it to 2009.

Bob's a geriatric kitty. I know I won't have him forever, but I can say he is now diabetes free, the bartonella is gone, his liver is much improved, he has been seen PLAYING and RUNNING around the house (even for a creaky old man). His appetite is great and now that Aunt Debbie brushed him out, he looks stylin' to boot.

It was worth every dime, every tear from stress, every sleepless night from worry. This is one fantastic cat.

When All is Right with the World?

Bob (left) came to live here 2 1/2 years ago, after my Mother died. He's made the transition from being the only cat, to one of seven. I'm so thrilled that the adjustment went well-better than expected by far.

Two Cats, One Bed.jpg

Bob and Nora (right), are like soul mates. He seeks her out when he doesn't feel well or needs a snuggle. She seems to be completely at ease with his presence.

Either that or I'm completely blind to the reality that Bob was trying to shove Nora out of the cat bed and she simply refused to budge. This is a war of Will, not a sign of peace and harmony.

Makes for a cute photo, regardless.

And Now for Something Completely Different

With the New Year comes some changes around CiCH.

I'm delighted to let you know that we've begun implementing a brand new, beefier structure that will allow us all to utilize the site more easily.
This secret, magic stuff is all "under the hood" sort of changes. Along with improvements to the site's functionallity, we'll also be launching an improved site design.

I'm very excited because in time we'll be able to have a LIVE Chat, where we can share our stories, find help or just get to know each other. There'll be easier access to my Book Excerpts, Foster Cat Diary, RSS Feeds (which will be much improved) and the ability to: email your friends any of the articles you read and you'll have a "for print" version of articles, as well.

This should make everything much nicer throughout the land...


Ok, it'll be a bit nicer here, at least.

Down the road, we're planning to open a Covered in Cat Hair Store, chock full of silly cat related goodies that you'll only be able to find here!

Make sure you bookmark this site or apply for a free account—that way you won't miss a thing!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Old Friends, New Year

Belle was one of the cats I placed in 2008, along with her daughter, Molly. She was lucky to find a GREAT home (with some of my best friends!).


Belle settled in beautifully to her new home and loves her new family to bits. She loves to be held and snuggled and is everyone's favorite. Gone are the days when Belle was used to breed kittens to make money!

Belle no longer lives in a bathroom, but has the run of a fine home.

A New Year brings me hope to be able to help find more kitties a safe, happy placement in their new forever home!

Happy New Year!

Where Have You Gone?

Dear Madison,

It's been nine months since I last saw you. This morning, I found a photo of you I'd forgotten I shot. It makes me sad. We had one year together before you disappeared. I still wonder what happened to you; if you're all right, just someplace else, or if your luck ran out.

I know the statistics say feral cats only live a few years on their own. I can see why, too. How could you live without someone there to feed you each day? It's a fallacy that cats eat up all the songbirds. They really don't do well on their own. Sure, they can hunt, but odds are, they won't get much to eat without humans around to help them out.

I see your Mother, Bronte, a few days a week, when my timing to bring down food meets her timing to need something to eat. She's joined by your old pal, Buddy, who still looks ragged and awful, but who seems to keep on surviving. There's also a new feral who's so skittish he literally hung from the rafters this morning, when he couldn't get out of the screened room, just as I entered it. I was calm as can be, but boy did he freak out!


Then there's you. The only one of the ferals who would let me pet her. I really liked that. I hoped that if I kept at it, sooner or later you'd learn to trust people enough so I could help get you find a family of your own. I knew you could do it and maybe you found your family on your own? I really hope so, though I torture myself with images of what may have happened to you.

Dear Madison, I know I'll never see you again. Wherever you ended up and whatever happened to you, I'll never know. I miss you and your cute little face. I love you and I know part of me will always be waiting for you, just in case you come back home.

The Lonesome Road


This is Baby.

He's been living on his own for a long while now. He must have been someone's companion at one time, but the days of a warm bed and human affection are long gone.

Although Baby is a wild child, he's captured the hearts of the co-workers at a local company. Baby is fed every day there are office hours. A few of us have volunteered to fill in on holidays and weekends, to make sure Baby never misses a meal. Looking at his thick torso and strong limbs, you can tell he's got some good food in his belly. He must be a tough cookie, too, judging by the scars on his nose.

Baby's been getting some pets from some of the ladies! A hopeful sign that he'll continue to gain trust back with humans. I'm starting to wonder if I should bring Baby in and see if I can get him further socialized? I hate to see him outdoors, especially in the winter. He's already been neutered and gotten his shots. He's such a handsome boy, too!

For now, this is one lucky kitty. He won't go hungry, at least. We just gotta find someone who's willing to take him in and give him a chance to blossom.

Hee hee.

Back of R.Olson Holiday Card.jpg

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