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Of Halloween, Scary Real Storms, and Kittens White as Snow

Hello all! Izzy here with a guest blog post.

Poor Robin is without power after an October snow storm dumped lots of snow on their home and brought down a whole bunch of trees. She's been without electricity since Saturday, and she doesn't know when the power will be restored.

She, Sam, and the kitties are okay for now, though they are hoping things will be back up and running soon since they have no power to run their water pump.

She asked me to post a guest blog here and I'm happy to update you on our trials and tribulations here in Central PA. We also got snow, but luckily, no power outages and all the snow was melted by this morning.

When Kitty Rescue Comes Close to Home - Update

Some of you may remember the 1/2 feral kitty my husband and I rescued from the barn. If not, here is the original post I made about this poor baby.

Her name is now Odette. I named her after the Swan Princess because I hope that she will blossom into a beautiful, loving kitty. She has doubled her weight and she is making steady progress.

I've uploaded two new videos of her on my youtube channel.

Tails from the Nine Lives Express

As I am sure you have read from Robin's blog, my husband and I are drivers on the 9 Lives Express. That is what we call our trips from Pennsylvania to Georgia and back to transport rescued kitties to foster care or furever homes in the North East.

We've made this trip four times so far, and I expect that we'll make it again before too long. We are planning a trip down to Florida in December for vacation, and I am sure there will be kitties in need of a ride hitching their way up north with us on the way back.

When Kitty Rescue Comes Close to Home

Most of you know my husband and I have horses. We board them at a farm not far from our house. There are a lot of barn cats there, and a number of our cats came from the farm when they got sick or hurt and we took them home. Every Spring and Summer, idiots who think a farm automatically needs cats dump kittens at the barn. Sometimes we get these poor lostlings and find them homes, sometimes they are too feral and run away. Josephine feeds them so they don't starve, but still, it's not the life of a loved pet.

More new videos and a picture

I uploaded 3 new videos of Sophie (formerly Petit) and Sapphira on my youtube page:

And a new pic of Sapphira.

Enjoy! :D

Four New Kitty Vids on my Youtube Channel

I uploaded 4 new videos of our kitties on my youtube channel: :D

There is one of our 21-yr old rescue kitty from Georgia, Mercedes.

Two of our Bluepoint Himalyan rescue from Georgia, Sapphira.

And one of of our black kitty rescue from Georgia, Nyah. :D

And our other GA rescue, Pippin makes sure he gets his camera time too. ;D


New video

For those of you who would like an update on Mercedes, the 20-yr old tortie we adopted from GA, I uploaded a new video of her. :D

Mercedes - still going strong.MPG

There are more vids up there too.
Enjoy. ;D

New Videos on Youtube

I uploaded videos of all of our cats, horses and dogs to my YouTube channel. :D

Enjoy. :D

Mercedes Update

Reading about Max the 23-yr old Siamese made my heart break. Mercedes is 20 and I know she is in the winter of her life, but no older creature be it human or animal should be discarded like refuse. It is heartening to know that there are decent people out there who will step up and rescue these poor helpless souls.

I know I have not posted an update on Mercedes in a few days, but I do have good news. She is eating and drinking on her own, neither very much, but she is not in danger of starving to death or dying of dehydration.


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