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A Few of My Favorite Things

The Sound of Music

Dave Matthews the most, then about 8 billion others. Hate rap except eminem and hate jazz and hate metal.

Yes, I Read, Too!

Most I read about insulin these days, but I am a huge fan of Janet Evanovich, Dean Koontz, Brad Meltzer, Nevada Barr, Carl Hiassen ... the list is endless.

Movies and Television

I'm ashamed to admit.. American Idol, yes the highlight of my week. *cough*


Cats. Poker. Cat people. Computers. Computer cats. You get the general idea. :)

About My Cats

My Cats

My babies! I have two fabulous babies, Niko and Roxanne. Niko had a bad time of things before I accidentally and literally fell over him in a pet store. One look at that terrified but proud DLH orinch boy and I was owned. He went home with me that day. Roxanne is the 3rd diabetic cat I've had. I recently lost two others, and Niko was devastated. I was devastated too, so we adopted her. She is a DLH black beauty, polydactyl on all four paws. Both kitties are under 3 years of age and have made very fast friends.

Personal Info

Blogs, Web Sites and More

Not quite yet.. all are works in various states of progress. I post a lot of the board though!

Carolyn Sturgill

Working Life

More About What I Do
I'm an office manager for a construction company, which sounds far more glamorous and high-paying than it is.
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