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my cat has developed a gulping reflex when she eats or purrs

My cat Apple has recently developed a problem when she eats or purrs she does a "gulping" reflex like "hiccups" in humans but with a pronounced moving forward of the head.

I took her to the vets and she examined her,she could only find a little tenderness around Apple's larynx when she touched her neck and it made her gulp.The vet suggested full blood checks to rule out inflammation or signs of a tumour (lots of white cells in the blood who indicate a problem) but all bloods came back normal (thankfully)

The vet suggested that the only way to find out what was going on would be to give her a full examination under anaesthetic and also take X-Ray and if there is a lump there to take a sample for histology.I am reluctant to let Apple go through all this but at the same time I'm worried if I don't and it turns out to be serious?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks from catlady

Hi Cat Lady, Is your cat vomiting at all? I would go along with your vet on this one. When the vet says "exam under anesthetic" does he/she mean doing endoscopy??? That would be the only way to really see what is going on. xrays are OK, but don't really give the info you'd need that endoscopy can provide. If you're vet is just going to "look" down the cat's throat, that's not enough. I'd take the cat to an internist and have the endoscopy done with them if you can swing the cost. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Best, Robin

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