One Less Cat.

It's been a few days. The emotions aren't percolating as badly, as they were on Friday. I'm calm enough to write.

Although the entire journey is going to be detailed in my Foster Cat Diary, the event, itself, sparked a question—an old question; one I never seem to understand any answer other than this:

The Lucky One

The answer is NO.

My Lil' Clutter

Until I get image posting worked out, here are links to photos of my little brats. If you like these, I have another few thousand for you to check out! Yikes! Did you know a group of cats really IS called a Clutter? I didn't know that. They can also be called a Pounce, Clowder or Comfort! Groups of kittens can be called a Litter, Intrigue or Kindle. Now off you go. Impress your friends! Oh, hover your mouse over the link to see a pop-up photo of each kitty. Spencer Bob Dole

Barely Normal Activity: Attack of the Pooptergeist

I'm half awake or, half asleep, however you look at it. Either way, in my haze, I must tap into a vivid memory from last night. I was thinking about yesterday's BLOG entry. All the difficulties in getting my cats to eat something good for them and all that they suffered and all that I spent...well...I neglected to add one little thing about diet changes and the possible lasting or, please-God-I-hope-NOT-lasting side effects. The dreaded litter-bomb. The smell that shook the earth.

Why Your Cat is Fat, Sick and Unhappy

I just got back from a 2-hour visit with Dr. Larry. He's my Vet. I love Dr. Larry. He might as well be my own brother; the one I wish I had. I'm paying for his kids college education, considering my monthly tab at Maple Ridge Animal Clinic. I might as well be considered family!

This visit was for Spencer and Gracie. Barely two months ago, I brought them both in for a checkup. Spencer was viciously attacking Gracie and her daughter, Petunia. It was terrifying and upsetting. I thought Spencer was suffering from some sort of health issue and had to rule it out before I started working on possible (yet again) behavior issues.

What I found was that Spencer was simply STARVING. Yes. I said, STARVING. He was SO hungry, he was furious. To better vent his anger, Spencer went after the two most submissive cats. Don't #$*&@# With Me


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