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It's been four hours since I locked the kittens up in their dog crate. I'm not sure if it's worse on them or me. I went into their room to check on them at 12:30pm and in the two plus hours they'd been in their crate, they already made a huge mess. The small water dish was empty and coated with clay cat litter, the baby food dish had litter in it, too and little Elmo had litter stuck to his tail, paws and belly. At least I saw the KMR was all gone and it looked as though it had been eaten. A good sign.

1 May 2008

The time has come. I hate this. This is the part I didn't sign up for—causing the kittens and "Mom" to suffer. I only ever want to spend time loving and playing with little kittens and making sure their every need is tended to. Sadly, this includes being "cruel to be kind."

My office is on the floor below the foster cat room. I can hear the sharp cries of the kittens slice through the silence in the house. I am causing their cries. I don't know how long I can do this without caving in. I want what's best for them, but I also want them to be happy and fearless and never know suffering. Yes, I know it's foolish. They are so young, though. Their world is new. I don't want them to learn that every day isn't filled with love and carefree playtime.

Nice day to air out the toes

At almost seven weeks, the kittens refuse to be weaned from their feral Mom. Since they were four weeks old, I've been offering them baby food mixed into regular canned (grain-free, of course!) cat food. They didn't care for it. Would even run away from the food filled dish, as though they were scared off by the smell.

I didn't know about KMR until last week, but once I was told about it, I've been offering that to the kittens, instead. Elmo began to lap up the thin gruel right away and looked so sweet with a tiny white beard of leftover food on his chin. He needed it the most, being the smallest kitten. A week later and he still picks at it, but doesn't really eat a lot of it. His brother and sister don't bother with it at all. Now I'm forced to separate them from Mom until they eat on their own.

Eat Something!

Sorry I've been absent from my regular posts. Between working long hours and getting nasty bursitis in my shoulder from being on the...err...computer too much, I've had to take a break. I still need to take it easy, but I'll try to get to posting more often.

Ugh! The kittens are almost seven weeks old and they STILL won't eat any food! All they want is feral-mama-milk, so I face having to separate them from Mom. I can't figure out how to best do this and I feel guilty even thinking about it. The only thing I can do, since Mom won't let me near her, is to lock the kittens up in the dog crate with food and a litter pan and just wait a day or so, 'til they get the idea. I'm sure this will make their Mom furious. I've never had kittens who weren't already weaned and this is harder than I thought. At least little Elmo does eat some of the KMR and being the smallest, he needs it the most. Actually, I stand corrected. Since he started eating a few days ago, he's now a bit larger than his sister, Happy. Their big brother, Jelly-Belly is creeping ever closer to two pounds already!

The kittens are now able to run and jump up on the bed, climb almost anything, and their eyes are starting to loose the topaz blue color. They seem to be turning a mossy green now, but it's tough to say what color they'll end up being. Jelly looks so cute here. He's a big baby!

Jelly's eye color begins to change

Lookie What I Can Do Now!

I can climb now!

Little Jelly-Belly has learned how to climb today. He can get up on the bed in the foster room, but getting down is another story.Hopefully, he'll figure it out. I can't keep watching him. I get so nervous he's going to hurt himself, but yes, I know he has to learn! Go Jelly!


His sister, Happy, already figured the climbing stuff out a few days ago! She's a smarty pants, that one.

And Elmo continues to explore his world on the ground, for now. He's here(see below) with his Mama.

Mama keeps an eye on Elmo

I wish Mama would stop hissing at me, btw!

Another First

Jelly-Belly purred when I held him today!
Another milestone, with many more to come.

Who you lookin at

13 April 2008

The kittens are four weeks and two days old today. For awhile I was worried they wouldn't make it this far. From the first day they arrived, they were all sneezing. It wasn't bad, at first, but over the days it did get progressively worse. By April 3rd, my birthday, they had runny eyes and one of them blew a bubble of fluid out of his nose. Alarmed? Yes! I've never had such young kittens before and ones that were sick had me terribly worried. I usually get kittens when they're healthy, already litter trained and eating solid food. Here they are, looking frail and helpless and I need to do something.

I'm sick

Update on Nora

After a crazy 48 hours, it looks like Nora is doing better!

Nora's blood test came back completely normal. No sign of elevated white blood cells, so no infection-yet. Also, since her regular Dr. (Dr. Larry) could see her, he brought up a good point-that she often has a high temperature when she is stressed out. She was STRESSED being in the car (doing a weird mix of meow and growl while I drove) and being at the Vet. Her temps were 103.9, 103.7, 103.5 and 104. Her paw pads were sweating, her ears HOT, she panted a bit.

That said, Nora got sub-Q fluids, just in case her fever wasn't stress related and she's on Baytril for a bit. She was also put on a wicked non-steroidal pain killer, that until recently was only approved for use in Dogs. It's called Metacam and I can only give it to Nora for 4 days, that's it. I need to read about this medication. It must be rather intense! It seems to have helped because shortly after she got her "loading" dose, she was ambling about much better.

Poor Nora!

Yesterday Nora seemed afraid or unable to walk over the side of her cat bed to get her breakfast. I didn't realize anything was terribly wrong until I got home from work last night. I found Nora on the floor, rocking, unable to stand. I tried to coax her with food and she was able to sort-of stand, but her right front leg was off the ground, her paw curved back towards her body. She quickly laid back down.

I looked at the time. It was almost 7pm. In a panic, I thought it was Monday and my Vet was only open to 5pm, but I called anyway. Thankfully, it wasn't Monday, DUH!, and they were open 'til 7pm. I told dear-Jessica, the Vet Tech, what was going on and she said to bring Nora in right away.

No room on the bed
Nora is not a tiny cat. I got her to lose about 3 pounds so far, but she still weighs 21 pounds. The only cat carrier within arms length, was a small one with a towel in it, so I pulled the towel and managed to get her inside the carrier, trying not to hurt her further.

Sunny Days are for Being Home with Kittens

The kittens are just over three weeks old now and are doing well, though I'm still worried about the small size of the black kitten named, Elmo. He weighs a pound, looks fragile, but the little guy is curious and a bit playful with his siblings. He's quiet most of the time, but will cry a bit if I hold him for too long.

I'm trapped at work. Long hours this week. I just want to go home and play with the kittens and bathe, alongside them, in the golden sunshine.

More soon, I hope!


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