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Our Holiday Card, Bloodshed be Damned!


Nothing says the Holiday season better than hysterically trying to wrangle four kittens into a faux Holiday scene so you can get a photo for your Holiday Card. Bloodshed be damned! We were going to get this done!

Chris Clark, from Greengirlz Pet Photography, was so gracious to let us do a VERY LAST MINUTE photo shoot for our Holiday Card. Sam and I “wrangled” the kittens into "position" while Chris Clark snapped away at her camera. She taught us that you can actually get the cats to pose by being very relaxed with them and by constantly re-positioning them where you want them---one hand on the chest, one hand on the back at the base of the tail. Just keep reminding them how you want them to sit. After awhile, they began to stay in the sleigh. One of the kittens got cranky so we put him in a crate for a few minutes, thinking we'd be lucky to get a photo with the three kittens. It ended up that the time out was a good thing. We grabbed Snowball after his time out and placed him back with the group. Chris got to work and she got some really great shots..and no blood was shed!

I did some photoshop magic taking one great photo, then changing out one cat for another. I still made certain we had one of EACH of the kittens represented-even though Sam thought I was nuts. Yes, I am nuts, I know that. I grabbed a line from the song; “White Christmas” and added it to the image and the rest is history!

©2011 Chris Clark for Greengirlz Pet Photography. Okay, guys look at the camera, not at Robin!

I have a mad crush on each six month old kittens. They're each so very friendly and sweet with loads of charm. I love to handle them and hold them. They impress everyone they meet.

I'm surprised they all didn't get adopted in a second, but sadly applications are slow to come in on them. The good news is that yesterday, little Princess, DID get adopted by a lovely family. They had a very tough choice between Princess and Snowball. Secretly I hoped they'd take Princess, because I love the fact that Snowball will jump into my arms on command (and some times when I'm not ready, too!). He never uses his claws on me! Amazing!

Just 3.jpg
©2011 Chris Clark for Greengirlz Pet Photography. Ooo! If only we had all four kittens!

The kittens are getting big and their room is small. I'm working hard to find them great homes and I hope I can do that soon. I've had to turn away a lot of people who wanted to "surprise" someone with a kitten as a gift. Most people don't get why that's a terrible idea, so I have to play the bad cop and say no.

The number one reason for animals to be surrendered to shelters is because they were given as a gift and that person didn't want them, they grew out of being cute and the lifetime of commitment was something they didn't want to have to deal with that-plus the Holidays are busy enough. Do you really want to have to spend time caring for a new animal in your home then, too?

Standing Tall.jpg
©2011 Chris Clark for Greengirlz Pet Photography. Love these guys but they look fake it's so good!

Until we find those perfect homes, I'm going to enjoy having a different kind of White Christmas!


Oh my Robin!  The pictures are so beautiful! 

I am in Springfield, Missouri.  Where are you?  I am thinking you are on the east coast somewhere.  I just lost my 15 year old brown tabby HOBO, suddenly in October, and I want a boy cat so bad.  I have HOBO's sister, Marmalade, and a big black girl who found us over a year ago, LUCY. 

What are your application requirements, and do you ship or fly your babies?

Thank you for sharing your wonderful (mostly) experiences with us, and pictures of your beautiful fur children.

Merry Christmas,

Jody Vernay

Hi Jody, We're located in Connecticut. We do out-of-state adoptions, but usually they have to be in a neighboring state. Did you know there are LOTS AND LOTS of kitties who are desperate to find a home? They are in municipal shelters and all of them are at high risk of being euthanized due to lack of space. This is your local municipal shelter: They have kittens and young cats. Most listings don't have a photo. You have to go there to see them and you'll hate that you can't take them all, but BE BRAVE and remember the one you save make room for others. Do this for me, ok? Help your local guys out. if you can't face the shelter and I hope you can, then check out these local rescue groups to find a kitty: I was shocked there aren't many rescues for cats in your area, but here's one: and I like this kitty: Let me know how it goes!!! Good luck to you and I'm sorry for your loss.

We have three boys--formerly 4 :(--and if I thought our Christmas cards could turn out this sweet I would have tried harder! Kudos to you and Chris Clark for your success! :D

Hi Robin,

     I just want to compliment you and your kitties on the beautiful Christmas card all of you had a paw in making!  I have never seen anything so gorgeous and thos adorable white kitties on the sleigh.  How I wish I could adopt ALL of them, even though I know one has been adopted.  I had 3 white cats, all brothers, at one time, and they were such fun.  One was named Snowball, Cottonball and Diamond.  I want to adopt more kitties when I am able to and I shall be looking at the angels that you take care of.  God Bless you for saving all that you can.

I can only imagine how difficult this was! I am truly in awe of the finished product! May you and yours have a very Merry, blood-free, Christmas!!!

Cheers from the gang at

P.S. Kudos to you for not adopting out for "gifts"!!!

The card certainly turned out beautifully - how great that the photographer made time for you.  The cats look lovely - well done to all!

I so agree about giving pets as Christmas gifts; unless you know the pet is 100% wanted and will have the correct care, it's never a good idea to give an animal as a gift - at any time really, but most especially at Christmas.  I would think twice about introducing a new pet to a household over the busy holiday period, unless everything will be very calm in the house for almost all that time and there is a definite place for that creature to call its own and hide in.

I actually read a message from a cat rescue group, on Facebook, a couple of days ago. It was urging people to adopt a pet for Christmas. I felt I had to leave a comment that Christmas was not a good time to adopt a new pet (and why).  I'm sure their intentions were the best, but I just felt they were being irresponsible. If rescue groups encourage this behaviour, it is worrying... I am so glad there are sensible people, like yourselves!  

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