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No Kitty Left Behind-A Thanksgiving Miracle

In this morning's email was a familiar plea for help from Henry County Care & Control: “Please save even just one.” I knew we were full up, responsible for almost 20 cats, with me being the sole foster home. My heart ached as it always does, looking at the photos of each cat who is desperate to be rescued. I looked at the photos and saw that each of the cats in need were easily adoptable. I tried to think of what I could do to help. I could get the word out and beg for some rescue groups to step up, but it may only help one or two cats when it's all said and done. I'm so frustrated. I hate feeling like there's nothing I can do to help.

©2011 Betsy Merchant. Just one of the kitties who needs to be rescued!

I wish they could all get rescued.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, perhaps it's reasonable to wish for a miracle, then not be surprised when one happens. It's a time to reach out to others with open arms, not looking for anything in return. A simple act of generosity, can go a long way to heal hearts and give hope for better days to come.

What I didn't expect was that a miracle would happen today and the size and scope of the miracle, knocked me off my feet.

©2011 Betsy Merchant. ALL THESE KITTIES ARE SAFE!

Samantha “Sam” Shelton opened her arms and the doors to FurKids, Georgia's Largest No-Kill, Cage Free Shelter, in welcome to ALL OF THE CATS FROM HENRY COUNTY. NOT ONE CAT WILL BE LEFT BEHIND. She is, let me say this again, (other than two or so cats that were rescued by another group) CLEANING HENRY COUNTY OUT OF ALL OF THEIR CATS!

THANK YOU, SAM!!!!!!!!

What Sam was able to do is a DREAM of mine. One day I hope I can do the same thing-clean out a shelter and rest for a moment, knowing so many lives don't have to come to a premature and cruel end. I think about Betsy Merchant and Gerri Yoder, and the rest of the staff at HCC&C who work so tirelessly to help save the lives of cats and dogs. They must be jumping for joy right now!

Not only did Sam SAVE the lives of these cats, but she just gave the ones yet to arrive, more time to find a home. If the shelter isn't packed full of cats, then there's hope more will find homes, too. I know that as soon as these cats leave, more will take their places. It's a never ending cycle, but at least, for these cats Thanksgiving came a few days early, but really, just in time.


If you'd like to tell FurKids “THANK YOU” for what they just did, or get to know more about their programs, “LIKE” them on FaceBook. What would be even BETTER—ADOPT A CAT or DOG from them! You can see a listing of their available cats and dogs HERE.

Oh and please tell them that Robin from Covered in Cat Hair sent you!


breathless. That is all I can think of right now..breathless!


I'm so happy to hear this - it's a great story - all the greater because it's a True Story!

Wonderful Sam! Wonderful Furkids!

Wonderful Robin too (because I know you would have if you could have!)


Miracles do happen and we have seen that today.  What a wonderful thing that Sam from Furkids did today.  Now those kitties will have more time to get adopted and looking at the pictures I don't think it will be too long.  THey are all  so beautiful.  Robin, I know that this has made you truly happy and I hope more miracles will come true.

You are awesome!!!!!  I can only wish to to what you did.  The cats, and God, thank you for your miraculous rescue.  Thank you from Omaha!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news!

That made me cry. The problem seems so overwhelming but for these kitties, they will have a happy Thanksgiving. Bittersweet.

What a wonderful thanksgiving gift this is for them all!

Thank you so much for sharing that story!! How incredibly AWESOME!!!!

Let me cry for the second time in a week!! What a fantastic story!!

Miracles do happen.....Thank you doesn't even sound like enough.  Very touching...thank goodness the tissues are close by. Love and Blessing to all....Thank you for opening your heart, thanks for all you do....and continue to do.

I ache sometimes thinking about the kitties that don't make it.  I know there isn't a whole heck of a lot I can do so I do my best not to think about it someimes.

Posts like this make me happy and so sad at the same time.  Happy that they were rescued, sad that there are so many more out there..

Yea for FurKids..

Thank you for this!  It's great to know miracles do still happen! I shared this on my fb fan page,



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