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Movie Monday!

Okay, so I'm not so great at uploading videos, but I'm trying! Here we have one hot off the press and the other is a few weeks old! Oops.

Bob's Pumpkin Patch is our first movie. Here Jakey, Mikey and Teddy are, well, having a wiggle festival as they work on getting their muscles stronger. Everyone should work out after a long weekend!

©2011 Maria. S. Used with Permission.

Next up is a longer video of Amberly's kittens when they were still in foster care in Georgia. Her babies are MUCH bigger now-and, we're hoping, that two of them may be getting adopted very soon (at last!). Here they are bouncing around and having a good time. Something we should be seeing Bobette's kittens doing in a few more weeks-with any luck.

©2011 Maria. S. Used with Permission.



Oh, that sweet bobble and bite age, like they are just getting used to 'hey, those are my toes'! And while the adult cats never play with it, that 'Cheese Chase' was a favorite of kittens around my place! Sweet videos!

Own! So sweetie!!!!! I´m IN LOVE!

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