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FCJ: The Test Results are Back + Updates on Bob's Pumpkin Patch!

After a grueling two month lockdown period for the DOOD, the blood test could finally be performed and the test results are in on whether or not he has Feline Leukemia.


Dood Portrait.jpg
©2011 Robin A.F. Olson. The DOOD!

I let him out of his room last night and to be honest, DOOD has already met Blitzen, which I would have been more than kicking myself if DOOD WAS SICK-since he could have given it to Blitz---yeah, and the rest of my cats. Let's not "go there." Thankfully, I'm off the hook and Blitz and DOOD can beat each other up, I mean play. I know it will be a tough transition for the rest of my cats, but tomorrow the ANGEL BABIES will be here and I need to make room for them. The DOOD has to come out of his room and the ANGELS will be taking that space.

DOOD ran around so much last night that he was basically limp after a few hours. I had to carry him back up stairs and shut him in his room for the night just so I could get some sleep. I got bronchitis on Sunday and need to get better ASAP. Sleep has been tough to come by and this is my last shot at getting rest before our BIG ADOPTION EVENT ON SATURDAY, KITTY PALOOZA!

There's a tremendous amount of work to do and I'm operating at half speed, so excuse me while I get to it...oh and...

©2011 Maria S. Bobette looking much better.

Bobette & her boys are doing WELL!!!!!!!!! The boys gained weight two days in a row and Bobette's looking a lot more comfortable and is filling out now that she has good food in her belly. She's even more attentive to the kittens! This is promising news. More about them soon.

©2011 Maria S. Two of the three surviving kittens are looking very nice and plump!


Mom needed some good news and that about the DOOD was AWESOME!!!!!

We are glad Bobette (great name) is filling out and her kittens are doing well. :)

Wonderful news all round... except your bronchitis. Hope you're better soon. XX

Oh! Great notices!!! Thanks for share! I continue sending my prayers to you and your rescue cats!!!

I hope it is ok if I share this link here.

An artist friend of mine started a semi bio strip w/cats and it also relates great to this economic times.
Gentle, friendly & non offensive. & Both him and his wife are cat lovers. So would like offer this plug for his work.

Oh Robin... what a relief - finally some good news for you and Bobette's precious little ones. What fighters they are and I imagine they will be very special kitties indeed. I hope your heart will mend and heal - you have been through such an ordeal lately and I am sending positve prayers and purrs your way. Special hugs through the computer to Mama and her babies.

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