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Cat Guardian Died. Brokenhearted Himmies Need a Rescue!

Hansel and Gretel have lost their way. The cat guardian of these two lovely Himalayans passed away leaving no one to care for them. They are both fully vetted and showing signs of depression after losing their home. They need really GOOD food and grooming and I know they will be absolutely gorgeous cats.

Here are their details. If you can help and are with a rescue group, shelter or want to adopt, please contact:

Coordinator: Michelle Moore Smith-Blowers Animal Adoption 39 Patria Rd

South Windsor, CT 06074 (860) 528-2178


Hansels face copy.jpg

8 years old (estimated)

Male long-haired bluepoint, 2-paw declawed

Neutered. Has Blue eyes

Combo tested on 1/22/13 negative

Always been indoors only

Can be picked up and held

Kneads and solicits pets. Very quiet and withdrawn

Bloodwork done with normal results approx 8.5 pounds but bony also anemic

Had rabies and distemper vaccines on 1/22/13

Litterbox used every time. Fur is dull and matted due to lack of care and probability of poor diet due to elderly owner

Ears clean vet clinic administered Revolution®.

Hansel side copy.jpg

Sad but gentle kitty showed interest in catnip toy. Clinic is doing a dental with possible extractions.



Gretels face copy.jpg

Sister/same age.

Lynx point siamese, long-haired

2-paw declawed


Blue eyes

All info same as Hansel. Loves her brother.

Gretel side copy.jpg

Please help me SPREAD THE WORD about these lovely, big sweethearts! Thank you!


I am writing from Delaware. I have a question. Are these two good with other cats. I have multiple cats which all have claws intact. They are all fixed and i have had them since kittens. Will adoptions be allowed all the way in delaware and is there a fee? Inquiring right now. I have a co worker, her long haired cat she has had for a very long time just passed a few months ago and she might want to adopt these two.

Thank You

Hope Shepherd Larson

I hope these two beautiful cats get another forever home together.  Thanks again for all the important rescue work you do.

I will always love you Alegash! I'm sorry to see the same angry look on your face that you had when you were stolen 7 years ago! PS He is 21 NOT 8 yrs old!

Shared their story/details on twitter and facebook, Robin, with love and *PRAYERS* for their new loving, permanent home to be found right away.  <3

You might check with Paws of Gold - I've driven cats from Columbus, Oh up to Erie, Pa for them to take in.

Just wondering what the status of these sweeties is, and whether or not I should continue to share for them.  Doing so until I'm updated that they are safe. 

Still wondering, and inquiring again as to the status of these two. Sharing on social media until they are confirmed safe in a loving, permanent home.

I'm going to pick them up personally...very soon! They are going to Animals in Distress in Wilton. That's the last I heard as of a few days ago. :-)

Thank you for update, Robin.  Very glad they will be safe; will continue sharing for them on my social networking pages until advised otherwise.  Very adoptable pair! 

I just heard today that the kitties got adopted TOGETHER! YAY!!!!!

YES!!! May they have wonderful, LOVED, safe lives in their new home. :)

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