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Another First

Jelly-Belly purred when I held him today!
Another milestone, with many more to come.

Who you lookin at


I love Jelly Belly and he loves you!!! He is so cute. How will you ever give him away when the time comes?

I adore him! I know this is going to be tough---to say goodbye. It's going to be terrible, I'm sure of it. Hey, there's always room to add one more?? How's it going at YOUR HOUSE, eh??? Any new arrivals?

Her name is Lilly Grace. Her mom was 75 and sadly had a stroke.

Lilly who was named Misty was to be put to sleep. Posted by another on Felinediabetes message board, I felt I needed to look into this.

She was born to a distemper mom. She has "cerebellar hypoplasia," her cerebellum did not fully develop. The signal from her brain to her legs gets jarbled and she can't get them to do exactly what she wants.

We named her Lilly Grace in honor of her mom Grace who passed away the very day I brought her into my home. Grace was going into a nursing home but sadly she has passed.

She has little use of her back legs. Her mom had carried her everywhere. She flops around like a seal, but one thing I've learned, she is not disabled, she is very Specially- Abled. My husband and I hold her in standing position a few minutes each day to build her back leg muscles.

We have a cart coming from, it was donated to us. She'll be able to zoom around, in circles, in no time.

Just last night she used her front paws and climbed her way up into bed with me. We cuddled all night.

She can go anywhere in the house and she loves to play. My Spunky cat is very interested in her and I can see they will be special friends.

The only draw back is her bad taste. She actually likes my husband more than me. Weird isn't it:)

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