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Help a Soldier Out & Save Two Lives

Can you Help a Soldier out?


These two super sweet, 18 month old brothers are best friends, but sadly their mama is a soldier and is going to be transferred a lot in the next few years and she just can't keep her boys any longer.

Both cats have tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV. They have good litter box manners, are neutered and are up to date on their shots. We're asking that these two cats STAY together as it just wouldn't be right to separate these loving boys.

If you dream of having two cats who get along, these are your boys! The cats come with their litter box, cat carriers and their toys, too.

The cats are located in DERBY, CONNECTICUT in foster care, but their foster mom is allergic to them so the sooner we get them homes, the better!

If you can help a Soldier and save two kitties lives, please Contact: Christa 203-751-7523

If you aren't ready to adopt new kitties, would you please help me spread the word? Thank you!


I could post your text with picture to facebook, since I got a larger network there. Is that okay with you?

I also have a Facebook "like" page, so look it up and repost from there if you wish. Just go here:

Our mom says she'll post this on her FaceBook when she gets home and we are purraying they find home very soon!

Hopefully it will help them to find a good place together!

Put a link to your Blog here so we can go visit it! :-)

Okay I networked them...see them shared by the other crossposters - I hope they will find a home very soon! xoxoxo

Sparkle posted this on her fan page (, and apparently there are organizations that can help home soldiers' pets. Hopefully one of the groups listed in the comments to her post is able to help!

This page might be helpful. I've never been in touch with the org. but had bookmarked it for later when I am ready to take in fosters. Hope it helps!


I'm going to put a link to this post on my blog to help spread the word & get these sweet little boys a good home as soon as possible!

Cory (Nico & JayJay) :)

I would like to adopt these brothers. Please contact me at cavebear-2118 AT comcast DOT net. I lost my orange kitty Skeeter in Dec 2008 at age 16 and really really want another to care for. Brothers would be SO COOL and double the pleasure.

I have 2 siamese females (spayed) and 4 cats would be my limit. But I am retired and spend all my time at home, so I can care for them well. I am seriously good at spending time tossing toys, giving lap time, and I love to have kitties sleeping on the bed with me. I give my cats top quality canned food (Evo and Avoderm). And they get lots of attention a play time.

I know how to introduce new cats to the house gradually.

I would like to discuss this with you further. I'm in Maryland.

Hi Mark,

I sent you an email. Not sure if it got to you. You can reach me at if you missed my message!

Thanks for your interest!

Soldiers that are going to be away from home & their pets no longer have to give their pets away. There is at least one agency, Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets (GASP) that is helping soldiers find foster homes for their pets while they are deployed.

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