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5:18 PM EST

Ugh. Now Jelly is covered with cat litter, too! I had to give him a bath. He was ok about it, but he was much filthier than Elmo. When I finished bathing him, I tried to get him dried off, but he was still damp when I returned him to the crate.

It took all of two seconds for Jelly to get dirty again, then he climbed up the interior wall of the crate, trying to get out. He fell into the litter pan and coated himself even worse. It kills me to hear him cry and see him struggle to free himself. He's the only one who hasn't eaten. His sister, Happy, did great. I saw her eating "grown up" food! I know Elmo will eat both KMR and baby food, so it's up to Jelly to get to it and eat something.

And now I have to go to a "Drinks for Designers" event in Westport and I don't want to go! I hate leaving them, but a girl's gotta find new clients or her freelance business will go down the drain. Ahhh...if only I would win the lottery, I could just stay home and worry about kittens instead of leaving home and worrying about them from afar.

Hee hee.

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