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It's THAT Time of Year Again!

The only Holiday Song my cats know is: “Feed Me! Pet Me! Feed Me!”

2008 RS Holiday Card Front A4bleed_b copy.jpg
(from left to right) Petunia, Spencer, Gracie, (front-center) Nora & Nick (held by Gracie) Bob J. Dole. ©2008 Robin A.F. Olson

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Not on My Watch: Along Came Cheech


This sweet little fella wasn't doing so well when I picked him up from our Director a few days ago. Two young boys found him in a dumpster, filthy and starving. I was scared he'd die before I even got him to the Vet (which I admit to driving a weeeee bit over the speed limit to get him there quick).

Cheech needed a lot of care, so he stayed at the Vet for the weekend. We were all worried that the call would come in saying he'd passed away.

But Cheech is a plucky little kitten and after a bath, some fluids, antibiotics, good food and some rest, he started to perk up.

I got eated by a mousey.jpg

Cheech got to hang out with Kringle, the last kitten from GA to get adopted. Their friendship was short lived. Kringle went to her forever home today. Her adopter's daughter got Kringle for her birthday gift. When she realized she could take the kitten home she screamed aloud; “I gotta kitty! I gotta kitty! I gotta kitty!”

I feel badly that Cheech is alone. My efforts to pull a dozen (the Twelve Cats of Christmas!) have failed. I've rescued NINE cats so far, but the remaining three...well I don't have a GA Rescue license and sadly, things are too busy with other rescues to add mine to the mix. I am determined to take more on as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, Cheech will enjoy the comforts of a warm room and enjoy driving me crazy by finding a way to get behind the TV, which requires me to take way too many things out of the way to get at him. I've blocked off the access, but I swear he can slip through objects to hide. I'm annoyed I've been outsmarted by a KITTEN!

Chee-chee is a cutie pants, so he has that going for him. That and the biggest, roundest belly I have ever seen. He's been de-wormed. Hopefully it's nothing more than that. I need to get this boy healthy and relaxed and ready for his forever home! I think he's well on his way.


P.S. I did NOT retouch his eye color! Yes, they ARE amazing!

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Not on My Watch: Behind the Scenes News

My dearest friends and supporters. In August I began “busting out” cats and kittens from Kill Shelters in Georgia and South Carolina. Each time I've done it, I've worried that I've taken on more than I can handle and each time things work out, although there have been PLENTY of bumps along the way.

the cute crew.jpg

Kringle (below), Nino (top center), Nina (center), and Mayflower (right), four of the nine kittens I rescued over Thanksgiving. Kringle is the only one waiting to find her forever home. The rest are all adopted and with their families.

With the Holiday Season in full swing, my mind and efforts should be focused on preparing for Christmas, but I cannot. I cannot sit around while I know that 90% of the cats in one shelter don't make it out alive.

I've decided to do ONE, BIG, PUSH to pull more cats and kittens than I ever have before.

I'm going to have a very long, elegant neck from sticking it out so damn far.

I hope to “BUST OUT” at least TWELVE cats. Five are already in quarantine awaiting transport and four more joined them, today. Tomorrow, I hope to get the last three.

I hope you're with me on this, guys, because I'm not going to be able to do it without some help! Talking about money is uncouth, so I'll leave it for now, until we're ready to go with fundraising. In the meantime, if you wouldn't mind digging around in your sofa cushions for any loose change, you can set it aside for the newly rescued kitties. I would be very grateful and I know they would be, too.

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Not on My Watch: Will Hit-by-Paradise

In less than a month “our Will,” the kitty who survived being hit by a car, stuck at a shelter that would have to euthanize him due to his medical needs, then suffered a 900+ mile transport, is now living the life of luxury in Connecticut.

Apparently Will is:

1. not afraid of dogs

2. the alpha dog

3. a bed hog

milllie and will.jpg
Photo of Will (left) and Millie (right) provided by Will's doting Mother, Clare, who we at CiCH simply adore!

It's a good thing his family is English, because they teach their companions good manners at all times. I'm sure Millie, the dog, would never be so rude as to insist on getting her dog bed back! Also, with Millie's excellent breeding (pardon the pun), there are high hopes that it will rub off on our wiley, Will!

Will, please learn to share, buddy! Glad to see you doing so well!

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Not on My Watch: Adoption Event SMACKDOWN!

Although I'm still foggy after a VERY LONG WEEK, I have to shout out that yesterday's adoption event was our BEST EVER! Yes, we're a small group, but sheeeeeet we did great! 10 out of 11 cats are either ADOPTED or have an ADOPTION APPLICATION on them that needs to be processed. With any luck, those cats will be in their new homes in a few more days!


Crazy Clan Adopted2.jpg

Yeah, I'm PUMPED UP! And geez. I'm realizing I won't have any kittens for a few weeks! How will I stand the loneliness?

Oh. I know! I'm gonna BUST out MORE KITTENS from that nasty-ass KILL shelter in GA! HA! HA! HA! HA! Yes I am insane! Plans are in the works for another BUST-OUT announcement! Hopefully, it will go smoothly, but Monday is “euthanasia day” and while I'm glad there's no Hallmark card for that, I'd like it if there was one for BUSTING THEM OUT day!


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Special Delivery!

About two years ago I trapped a few feral cats. Two of them: Buddy and Bronte, have taken to hanging around our house; enjoying the endless buffet, fresh water and cute little feral cat shack-including a heated cat bed!

The kitties have been showing up more and more often. It's nice to see them relaxing in the screen room, out of the worst of the weather. They're not terribly afraid of us, but they do keep their distance. I keep toying with the idea of pulling Bronte back inside for hard core de-sensitiazation, but she is chubby and seems happy. If I kept her indoors all winter, it would mess her up if I had to let her go back outside come spring, if she didn't want to be a domesticated kitty-pal.

I suppose that one of the cats wanted to thank us for the great grub, since they're probably “not that into” mice any more and they're probably trying to tell us that we suck at providing for ourselves. Obviously they haven't seen the mountain of crap we eat every day.

Or perhaps they have?

Regardless, this (see below) was left outside our front door.

mouse rip copy.jpg
Gore blurred out of respect for the mousey and so you guys don't barf.

This poor little mousey is in Heaven. It's earthly remains are all that linger. I'm sorry the little mousey died, but am glad to know that should I run out of cash, feeding all these damn cats, that I can count on my feral cats to provide for me.

Now if I could only train them to rob banks and vacuum the house, I'd be all set.

Rest in Peace, little mousey.

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Not on My Watch: One Week Later...

Looks like the Crazy Cat Clan is being disbanded barely a week after it was formed! Can we believe our eyes? Is it really true?

Believe it! These little nutters are going to good homes soon. Gingerbread, Nino & Nina are going home TOGETHER! A triple-adoption! Woohooooo! Jingle Belle will go to a home who has a 1 year old kitty who needs a buddy.

Saturday we have an Adoption Event, so hopefully we will continue to find homes for the kitties!

Crazy Clan Adopted copy.jpg

Next...I need to find homes for two kitties I found homes for in October. They were returned today because there was too much fear that the family's pit-mix was going to harm the animals. So...two more to find a home for and more on that later...

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Not on My Watch: Sobering Statistics

Although I am thrilled and joyful at being able to help a few kitties NOT DIE at Henry County, Betsy gave me some information that was deeply sobering...

“The last statistics I looked at were September. 2 cats reclaimed, 17 adopted, 34 rescued, and 386 euthanized. That's cats and kittens combined and you can bet it was mostly kittens who got out.”

I've asked Betsy what we can do to help her STOP the KILLING. I know there are many, if not most of you who want to do something to help. Now that Betsy is starting to know me a bit, perhaps we can start a process of finding a way to save lives instead of take them.

It's been a week of winning the Lottery–first with little Gingerbread, then being able to rescue these HIGHLY AT RISK kitties. I'm so grateful I have people who can help me do my work, but I'm also brokenhearted.

I need more people to help and I need us to come up with a way to SOLVE this problem on a much BIGGER scale.

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Not on My Watch: One, Two, Three: BUST!

Seven Vet trips in six days, barfing, mooshy poop, stench, worms shooting out of one kitten's butt-yeah, I'm ready for MORE, baby! Bring it!

Now that the Crazy Kitten Clan is almost done being spayed or neutered and we're getting applications in on some of the kittens, I started to feel a bit “itchy.” Who was I going to take in next?

There are a few kittens in the periphery and a cat, but with some juggling, hopefully it will work out if I decide to, umm, err...rescue a few more cats? Come on! I need my FIX!

Why go shopping out of a drab Holiday guide when you can save a life out of a “cat-”a-log. Sorry for the PUN! What a thrill, in a way of course (I can't save many or all), but a thrill to just take in a deep breath and say; “YES! Pull those guys out of that shelter. I have NO idea if I will find them homes or find out they are sick or have behavior problems. I just NEED to do this and it seems to get a bit easier every time I do it.

This MORNING I got an email from Betsy at Henry County-YES, the same place that euthanized three sweet kittens I was about to rescue. Who would it serve if I just cut them off and never helped them again?

Then I saw this:



...and read this: Mommy is just as loving and sweet as she can be and will have little chance to get out once the kits are pulled from her. The babies are weaning now and are ready to go to the kitten room.

She has 4 beautiful babies, the family is in an isolated area for nursing moms and everyone is healthy.

This family needs to be rescued from the shelter THIS WEEK. Friday December 4th they will be split up and mom most likely will not make it out once she goes the adoption room. IF the room is full she might be euthanized since she is past her ready date.


Mama. I am not gonna let you down!

I contacted my lifeline to GA Shelters, Barb Lowe and Winging Cat Rescue and asked her if she could help me. Barb is ALWAYS busy pulling cats from shelters and always has a lot on her plate. Did Barb put me off? HELL NO! Barb made a call. A few minutes later...

Creamy Goodness Busted out copy.jpg


Everyone is SAFE and OUT OF HENRY COUNTY! Mama had her combo test. Negative/Negative: the words we love to hear!

Next up...FUNDRAISING to get their Vet bill paid and transport to Connecticut! Get your wallet 'cause I'm gonna be asking you to pull a few bucks out it!

Hey! I'm doing the hard work and taking the risk. I just want your CASH!

Will let you know when fundraising ChipIn Widget goes live!

Foster Cat Journal: More on Gingerbread


Apparently, some people would pay big bucks to get their hands on a fertile tri-colored male kitten! Unfortunately, that was never a thought that crossed our minds when our Vet called yesterday to tell us our little foster kitten was a very rare find. We've got “Spay/Neuter” so deeply ingrained in our noggins that there was no way we'd allow this guy to stay intact!

That said...hmmm...guess we could have waited a bit longer to think about that! We DO need funds to build a shelter, you know!

Gingerbread copy.jpg

Doesn't matter now. The “deed” has been done. Gingerbread is ready to go to his forever home and tomorrow afternoon someone is coming to visit him! Will it be his turn to get adopted or should I put him on Ebay? (KIDDING!) He's a sweet little fella. I just pried him off my lap so I could post this.

ginger on my lap.jpg

Sweet dreams, little guy. Tomorrow is gonna be a big day!

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