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Zombie-Kitten Sighting!


Blitz eats sams brains_sm.jpg

He looks so INNOCENT! Don't let his cute face fool you! He wants to eat your brainz!

Foster Cat Journal: When Zombie-Kittens Attack!

This post is not for the faint-of-heart. This is about a kitten, who was cuddly and sweet when he was little, but who has now turned EVIL. Yes! He IS a ZOMBIE-KITTEN!!!! His only interest is to CHOMP on an innocent Blog-writer's head, taking huge mouthfuls of hair, in a depraved desire to gnaw away until the skull can be penetrated and the juicy brains gush forth!

I don't know how much longer I can survive this vicious attack, but at least I was strong enough to warn all of you that if you see this furry fiend to RUN, RUN, RUN away-just as fast as you can!

Consider yourself warned...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Brain Chomp.jpg

Spaghetti Brains.jpg

Delicious Brains.jpg

Like to eat brains.jpg

Vintage Postcards: Cat Nap

Vintage Cat Postcards 1 of 2.jpg

Looks like that red squirrel? baby fox? is going to play a trick on Mr. Hunter-Kitty!

Foster Cat Journal: No. I Did Not Do Anything!

We did not do a thing copy.jpg

Clean up in aisle 9!

By the way, no, we do not leave our towels on the floor. They're hung on the racks (see top right) Prancer has a mouthful of toilet paper. She's licking her lips. I can't understand why, since the TP came out of the GARBAGE CAN! Donner (front) seems to think if she squooshes down no one will see her. Huh. Right!

Talk Kitty to Me!

We're just tingling with all the announcements today! Thanks to Sam of Resonetrics, we're ready to unveil our NEW CHAT FEATURE!

But I wanna get adopted NOW.jpg

Don't fall in love. Will was adopted a long time ago!

If you're a Covered in Cat Hair Member, you'll see the chat area to the top LEFT of the main page. Type away and if anyone's online, you can chat with them! I'll work on being available so you can say hello to me, too!

If you're NOT a CiCH Member, now is the time to sign up! It's FRIGGEN' FREE, so what are you waiting for? I don't send Spam and after 3 years of running this BLOG, I've only sent ONE email to my Members and that was today.

That said, I might get lonely and do it again, soon.

Sign up and start chattin!'

More fun to come! Either that or more ringworm. Not sure right now.

Blog Paws 2010-Come See Your Humble Hostess in Action!

Well my dear readers it seems as though I've been invited to be a Panelist at Blog Paws 2010, “the first-ever conference just for the online pet community.”

So pack your bags and join me in Columbus, Ohio on April 9th and 10th where I'll be sharing some tips and tricks from what I've learned (screwed up) writing a pet blog and where I hope to learn tons more and make lots of new pet-centric buddies.

“BlogPaws is founded by three passionate and dedicated pet lovers and bloggers - Caroline Golon of and Yvonne Divita and Tom Collins of Scratchings and Sniffings and Windsor Media Enterprises.”

To find out more about Blog Paws 2010 or to register, just visit them by clicking on the image, below.

I'm speaking at BlogPaws 2010 badge

Let me know if you plan on attending! If we get enough people, I'll make sure we can find a way to get together during the Conference. Maybe we'll all do a Covered In Cat Hair (eek!) breakfast on Sat. April 10th? Look forward to meeting everyone!

Foster Cat Journal: Ready or Not?

Mama Waits for Oprah to Come On.jpg

Cupid's looking great, BUT...

Last night I noticed a bald patch on the back of her left rear leg. It doesn't look crusty and at the center there's a hematoma or a blue vein. Not sure which. It also looks like her upper lip is swollen. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Are we looking at “Typhoid Cupid?” Is she the harbinger of ringworm in MY HOUSE??? Ho boy. Fun-city.

It's good to be me. You're jealous. I can tell!

Foster Cat Journal: Meeting Nicky

donner prancer nicky_sm.jpg

The kittens and Cupid have outgrown their foster room, so I let them run down the hallway, into our bedroom for a chance to stretch out. The only problem is now I can't KEEP them in their room. The second I open the door, they all make a mad dash for freedom!

prancer an dnicky_sm.jpg

I was able to corral most of the cats before they met our cat, Nicky, but Donner and Prancer had a head start and were very curious to meet the gigantic stranger! I didn't let them get too close, but Nicky was very neutral and so were the kittens.

nose to nose_sm.jpg


Vintage Kitty Postcards!

Vintage Cat Postcards 2 of 2 copy.jpg

I just received a lot of four vintage postcards illustrated in Germany by Mainzer in the early 1900's. These cats getting into all sorts of mischief, but they're also really bizarre. There's a cat who looks angry that the other cats are in his yard and he's got a DOG with him for protection!

More postcards to come! Wait 'til you see the smoking themed one!


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