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Not on My Watch: A is for...

slyvester_2_adopted copy.jpg

No longer in a cage. No longer in foster care, our "little" friend, Sylvester was adopted this weekend!

We're so thrilled our 17lb, 36-month old kitten found his forever home. Congrats to his new family and THANK YOU to Barb from WCR for finding a rescue group to pull him from Jasper and THANK YOU to Karen, at Jasper Co. for being a great ACO and for giving this guy a second chance for so long.

I will be honoring my pledge to help this guy out by making a donation of $200 to Winging Cat Rescue so that they may help rescue other kitties in need.

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Newsflash: Mouse Eats Kitten!

Mousey and Blackberry.jpg
Looks like Blackberry is in trouble! Good thing this mousey doesn't have teeth!

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Not on My Watch: Buddy, Can You Spare a Microscope?

Yesterday I had a good chat with Karen, the ACO at Jasper about the kittens. They just had their Vet visit and got their Health Certificates for travel. Thing is-they CAN'T go anywhere just now!

Turns up, some of them have coccidia, which if you don't already know, is VERY contagious to cats, dogs, people! Oops. It would be one thing if they had it here and we could contain it, but it's just not safe to transport them if they have it.

Karen was surprised at finding the cats have parasites because they didn't really show anything more than some soft stool and kittens have all sorts of funky stool and some times it doesn't mean anything is wrong.

The kittens will go back into quarantine for 10 days to get their Albon twice a day. ALL the animals at Jasper Co. are going to be treated, as a matter of fact, to make sure it doesn't become a nasty problem. What a pain in the butt!

Karen, a former Vet Tech, sighed and said how she wished she could get a microscope and some slides. She knows how to read the stool samples to see coccidia. If she could have caught this sooner, this wouldn't have been a big problem. It also would save her $10/animal for testing and that money could stay in her budget to make the shelter even better.

I told Karen to let me know what she needs. We'll do a fundraiser for them if the county can't afford to help her out. If we have someone willing to do the work, we KNOW it will pay off and then some. Karen was shy about asking me for anything. I don't think she understands how many people care and want to help, but just don't know how.

I think Karen may be surprised to find out!

If any of you have access to a great microscope that needs a good home, let me know. I'm going to wait until I hear more from Karen about what she wants, but heck, doesn't hurt to ask to "re-home" medical equipment if someone is not going to be using it any longer!

Sorry. There's no link or Petfinder ad for this plea!

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Not on My Watch: Time is of the Essence

I keep hoping I can look at cats who are in need of rescue and find an excuse why I can't stick my neck out for them all. Most are too old for me to foster, but when they are young and without their mom and living in a VERY HIGH KILL SHELTER in GEORGIA, I have to, at least TRY to help them.

These beautiful babies are located at Henry County Care & Control in McDonough, Georgia. They are at HIGH RISK of being EUTHANIZED as Henry puts down 300-500 a MONTH.

I KNOW you don't want them to die. I don't, either. Here are our options to help:

1. FIND A GEORGIA LICENSED RESCUE GROUP who can remove the kittens and foster them until they find forever homes. Contact Betsy or anyone at Henry Co. Directly-ASAP. Their number is: (770) 288-PETS. The ID# are 11/9-5526~5527~5528 for litter with black & white kitten and ID# 11/9-5522~5523~5524 for litter with siamese kitten

2. FIND A PERSON OR FAMILY who LIVES IN GEORGIA and get them over to Henry Co. ASAP to ADOPT one or more of these kittens.


5. SPREAD THE WORD!!! Tell your friends to tell their friends. The more people we tell, the more likely we will find that "needle in a haystack!"

If you live in the NORTHEAST OR SOUTHEAST USA and want to adopt one of these kittens and are SERIOUS and can PAY for transport-around $200, plus boarding fee, vet fees (very inexpensive in GA), etc...then let me know and I'll get you helped out.

I don't know if I can help these kittens. I deeply want to, but I already have other promises out to take other kittens and only have so much room in my home. This is why I'm asking for help.

If you have questions...drop me a note.


PETFINDER AD FOR KTITENS ABOVE Their ID#'s are: 11/9-5526~5527~5528


PETFINDER AD FOR KITTENS ABOVE Their ID#'s are: 11/9-5522~5523~5524

These kittens are too beautiful to have to die tragically. I know I ask often for help for cats. It's tiring. There are so many. These guys really need help that's life or death. This is no joke.

Thank you all for your time and for letting me share these beautiful kittens with you.

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Not on My Watch: Help Me Get Them Busted Out!

Thanks to Winging Cat Rescue, Barb Lowe and Susan Birnbaum (who created the lovely graphic), we are now ready to ask for donations to help us move the 8 Jasper County Shelter kittens from their cages into loving foster homes in Connecticut. Once here, you know what we do! We find them great homes! These cuties won't stay long with us, we hope! Those sweet faces and personalities to match will make any cat lover's heart swoon.

Since we can't cover all the costs to rescue these babies, WCR is helping us by doing the fundraising-so all your donations are tax deductible! They are also doing all the paperwork so the kittens can be legally removed from the Shelter, since we don't have the proper license to do that. We just have a few empty rooms in our homes and anxious hearts to get them filed back up with more babies!

Please put out the word, so we can get funded quick! We need to get the kittens ready to go by next week...or else!

JasperTransport_B copy.jpg

Thank you SO MUCH for your help! I appreciate it most sincerely. I promise we'll find each kitten a great Home for the Holidays!

P.S. Make SURE you check off "GIFT" with your donations using PayPal or else they deduct 3% of your donation for their fee!

UPDATE: I'm not seeing the ChipIn update here on my web site so visit, here to see updated totals!

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Not on My Watch: Limbo for Will

Will continues to heal. He's eating well and his eye looks better every day. He's a far cry from where he was just a week ago-broken, bloody and dirty-either hit by a car or beaten by a cruel human. Regardless of what happened to Will, he survives as a loving, outgoing creature.


A lot can change in a week. Last Friday Will was at extremely high risk of being euthanized as he was taken to a place where they had no funding to care for him. Thanks to Jenna and Dr. Anderson, and LOTS of generous donations from all of you, Will got the chance to live.

Will 11.13.09_sm.jpg

Will looks clean and healthy. His eye is much better now and he just wants a home. His little tabby "cap" reminds me of my own cat, Spencer! Thank you for the photo, Jenna!

Our CiCH friend, Terry, helped get the word out on Will. He did a really fun poster for Will and tells me that over 14,000 people have heard about Will needing a home!!! So where is that ONE person who will step up and adopt this cute, 1 year old kitty??

Yes, Will still needs a home! Please visit his Petfinder Ad
and send it to all your friends! We can get this done, people! Will is waiting!

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Not on My Watch: Update on Will

Will got neutered and while he was sedated Dr. Anderson took a better look at the injury in his mouth. It appears his palette is cracked, not surprising and pretty much cinches he was hit by a car, over being abused. His eye is healing, though it's not looking very pretty right now. In due time, Will should be able to heal from all of his injuries without surgery...knock wood.

Once Will was feeling up to it, Dr. Anderson let him out of his cage so he could stretch his legs and head to the second floor where comfy beds were to be found, along with some much needed peace and quiet. Will gets on well with everyone and has been assured that he has a place a the Cat Clinic for as long as he needs one. It's better he stay at the Clinic, than risk going to the local shelter. He's safe and getting stronger each day and eating well.

But where is a Forever Home for Will? Who would love a sweet, a "10 out of 10" on the friendly scale, kitten to call their own? So far, no one has stepped forward. Will doesn't need any further medical care and his costs have been paid for in full. All he needs is you-know-what (LOVE!) and a you-know-what-else (HOME!)

Will IS located in: Greenville, South Carolina.

Visit Will's Petfinder Listing HERE

Transport to the Northeast or Southeast CAN be arranged. If you're interested in Adopting or are with a Rescue Group and can foster Will, please contact Jenna Gutierrez (864) 801-3177 or email her:

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Not on My Watch: Fireball

Some cats truly get a raw deal in life. Little Fireball is a good example of that. This young cat, only six months old and barely over 5lbs., has been living in a cage for most of his life. His precious kittenhood, gone and each day his age makes it harder and harder to get adopted. The cycle never ends. The torture of confinement may eventually drive this poor young cat to some serious behavior problems.

Photo courtesy Jasper County Animal Control

Right now FIREBALL is doing well. He's healthy, affectionate, friendly. He likes other cats and people. He has the perfect Tabby personality, which makes him a great family companion. He's still a kitten at barely six months old. Did you know a cat isn't fully mature until they are FOUR YEARS OLD? That would mean, Fireball has a lot of playfulness and youthful exuberance left in him-and certainly a full life to live.

Photo courtesy Jasper County Animal Control

Fireball needs a Forever Home. If you live in the NORTHEASTERN United States we can fairly easily get him transported to you from Monticello, Georgia. If you LIVE in Georgia, then get your butt over to Jasper County Animal Control! Call: (706) 468-0396!!!

Please, tell your friends about Fireball. He's a sweet boy and he's been overlooked long enough. He's got a big heart and lots of love to share, so please give him a chance to win you over!

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Not on My Watch: Add Robin & Jen & Get Ten!

No urgent plea for rescue today. We need a break from that. Instead, I wanted to share with you an experience I just had that was quite wonderful, though admittedly, bittersweet, too. I'll do my best to write while my eyes burn and my throat constricts from inhaling fumes. No. I'm not writing while my house is burning down. I made the poor choice to set my oven to "self clean," which quickly caused the house to fill with pretty blue, toxic smoke. I had to shut off the heat and open the windows. It's 48°F outside and now, inside. Why can't I just live with a filthy house? I like to vacuum at night so I don't have to work as hard to make it look clean. Why do I need my oven to shine? Sheesh!

Since I'm freezing to death, typing helps keeps the circulation going in my fingers, though I think I need to get a hat. I stopped feeling my ears awhile ago.

Oh yeah, my foster room is empty and needs re-filling, I've been somewhat (you know me, hard to be subtle) quietly looking around for the next foster kittens. I looked locally, first. I really LOOKED all over the state and into NYC. Most cats were too old for me to help, so I went southward.

At Barb's (from WCR) suggestion, I reviewed a list from Jasper County in Georgia. I'm told their ACO, Karen, is super awesome and runs a very spic and span shelter. She also happened to have a LONG list of kittens available for adoption.

I went over the list once, twice, three times. I printed out each kitten's ad. I tried to do math (not easy for me!). I knew that I could take four kittens and Jennifer, with some coaxing jumped at the chance to take four kittens, too. Yes! That's a nice number, but I had twelve kittens picked out.


After more reviewing, listing, adding, subtracting and some very powerful headaches, I cut the list down to ten. I got ahold of Karen, the ACO and we talked about those kittens. Thankfully, my job was made easier. Two of the kittens were spoken for and two that had been on the list were going to be adopted, as well. I had my eight.

But...there are a few kittens left I could not pull and I feel bad about them. I feel very bad about it. I hate to break up litters, even if they were already separated, but perhaps now that most of the kittens are gone, the ones that are left will have a better chance at finding a home? Jasper is not a High Kill Shelter, so my hopes are that all will work out.

There's LOTS of paperwork, emails, details and FUNDRAISING (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) to work out, but with any luck, in a week or so, I'll have my room filled back up with bouncing babies!

I just stuck my neck way out and you know, it's not that scary any more. Sure, I have the same old fear that I won't find these guys homes, that they will be too darn big to adopt out by the time they get here, but I gotta try.

I feel like I just got to do the best kind of online shopping! "I'll take that kitten and that kitten and oooo look! That's a cute one! Yes!"

So without any further are our newest rescues if I survive smoke inhalation, that is!

Jennifer's Crew:

Jens Group copy.jpg

My Muffins:

Robins Group copy.jpg

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Not on My Watch: Big Boy Busted Out!

slyvester_2_busted copy.jpg

Our friend, Sylvester, the 36-month old, 17lb baby was pulled out of Jasper Co. Shelter yesterday, thanks to some poking and prodding by our CiCH friend, Barb at Winging Cat Rescue, to be cared for by a rescue group in Georgia who has a soft spot for big boys.

We're told that although Sylvester loves people, he might not love other cats as much. It's tough to say for sure. He's been in a tight squeeze for too long and that would make anyone hateful of pretty much everything!

A nice lady in Arizona would offer Sly a home, but we can't get him transported over there on our own. Anyone know a pilot?

Regardless, Sly has a foster home and we'll see how he does over the next few months. Hopefully, he WILL find that FOREVER home and lots more love, soon.

Best wishes and good luck to you, big fella!

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