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This is Why I Hate White Plains, NY

Of all the places I've ever traveled to, there's only ONE where I get lost EVERY TIME-White Plains, NY. I don't know why. It might be that I-287 slices the city in half, the roads are not set up on a grid, but rather some antediluvian animal path. Perhaps if I navigate by sense of smell, I'd be in better shape?


This is how I'm going to get to my hotel tonight. After I get myself there, I need to get OUT and drive 3.1 miles to the Conference hotel. You tell me something is WRONG with a city's layout when it's 3.1 miles TO some location and it's 4.4 miles BACK to the point of departure!!!!

And no. I'm not going to make a comment about the shape of the path. It's just too obvious!!!!

Wish me luck!

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Not on My Watch: First "Load" Arriving Soon as I Take Off

Will, not one to travel alone, has decided that he needs to bring two of his buddies with him when he comes to Connecticut this weekend. Strange that he didn't ask me about this first, but just invited them along. Who am I to say, “No” to cute, fluffy babies? I cannot say “NO”. So...

super cuties 2sm.jpg

...please welcome our latest, busted out, but NOT from a Kill Shelter-we're just helping Dr. Anderson out...Pip & Squeak (at least that's their names for now until I come up with something better).

These cuties are not sisters, though they sure look like it! I don't know much about their story of how they got to Dr. Anderson. I just know they got vetted and tested and one is spayed and one is not and that's good enough for me. I am so READY to get my hands one some kitten! Woohoo!

I think I've had a two week break from fostering. I like having time for other things, but I hate going into the foster room. Opening the door and not having kittens come out to see me or to get blasted in the face by the acrid stench of "clean me NOW" kitten litter pan...well, it just touches anyone's heart to conjure up this Hallmark image. Really, I miss fosters and fairly soon I will have SO MANY of them, I will be in a really bad mood or really happy or a mix of both (most likely).

So tonight I leave for the CWA Conference! I'm super excited, not ready, nervous and tired. I hope I figure out how to do a good "pitch" of my work so I can get some PAYING writing gigs. I hope I have good hair. I hope that when I see Dr. Kevin "Hottie-Cutie-Pants" Fitzgerald tomorrow night that I chose the perfect outfit to get his attention and undying love forever or for at least one really good, memorable night. CWA President, Amy Shojai, I hope to GOD you didn't read this. I'm sure you are far too busy preparing for our Conference to read my tiny Blog that no one but about 7 people read a day. Really, don't read this. If you're reading this than stop, before it's too late and I make a total ass of myself before I meet you.


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Of Space Telescope & Cats

I'm a science-geek. Both of my parents were scientists. How they popped out an Art Director/Writer daughter, I have no idea.

A few weeks ago, when we first heard about Will, our friend Terry Frum told me about his buddies, Space Paws and that they were helping get the word out on Will, too.

I went to visit (virtually) the gang and found their website to be charming and filled with kitties that are being loved and cared for and some are looking for good homes, too. Thing is-these folks work at STScI, otherwise known as: Space Telescope Science Institute! OMG, like how COOL is that? Also you need to check out their icon, then look at the icon of Space Paws. Love it!

SpacePaws.jpgSpace Paws!

If you live in the Baltimore area and are lookin' for a new kitty to warm your lap or purr in your face at 4am, stop by and check them out. Also, each kitty comes with a top secret implant that allows the cat to communicate with the Hubble telescope and download cool photos taken from space that you can printed out at any CVS, Walgreens or Photo Store! Errr..okay, maybe not, but it would be COOL, right?

Anyway, welcome our new friends at Space Paws!

Over and out.

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It was touch and go for awhile, but it looks like the funding we were hoping to get to help us vet and transport 8 "HOLIDAY" kittens from Jasper County in Georgia have been successful!


THANK YOU to everyone who contributed! Now watch what we do with your donations! Hopefully next week we'll have photos of Gingerbread, Kringle, Jingle Belle, Candy Cane, Nina, Nino, Myles Standish & Mayflower once they reach Connecticut and new stories as we work with these little ones to prepare them for their forever homes!

YOU busted them out, but good! Woohoo!

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Not on My Watch: Will's Journey Takes a Turn Northward

The Cat Writers' Association Conference starts tomorrow night. I had planned to spend every second preparing myself. It's my first conference and I want to make sure I make the most of it. Thing is-cats come first and right now I'm spending late nights trying to nail things down, find resources (MONEY!) and look at hundreds of listings for cats that need rescuing, not polish off a query letter or run through the lists of people I should try to meet.

After yesterday's tragedy and loss, I do feel more conservative about what information I share with all of you. I feel terrible for upsetting anyone, but I also feel it's my duty to help people see the very ugly truth. If we can look, cry and build up our resolve, instead of cave in, give up, look away, we can REALLY kick some ass!

I vote for kicking some ass!

I love all of you for your endless support and I want you to know that I support YOU, your good hearts and your compassion. Some of you are just finding your way in the world of cat rescue and some have been in the trenches for too long. Regardless of your journey, we're here together and together we’re saving lives, as well as taking a moment to remember the ones we couldn’t reach in time.

Today I'm delighted to announce the arrival a very special kitty.

His name is Will and he is coming to Connecticut!

Will adopted copy.jpg

Clare and her lovely daughters, generously offered to help socialize Blueberry & Blackberry. For three weekends in a row, they made the long drive to Jennifer's house to work with the kittens. Clare became a friend of CiCH and started reading stories about the cats we rescue. When she heard about Will, her heart melted, but she was smart to think about taking on another cat into a family with three other cats and a dog. It was a lot to take on, but...there is always room for one more, right?

I can't speak for Clare, but I do get the sense that she and her family are smitten with this kitten. The girls are already preparing Will's "guest" room with their own blankets and comforters and they plan on sleeping with him the first few nights to make sure he doesn't get lonely. Of the 14,000 people that heard about Will, this would be the family I'd want him to go to-they really care about him.

On Sunday, after Will gets some rest from his trip, Clare's family will come to adopt him. Just barely three weeks after he was hit by a car, instead of being euthanized by a shelter, Will was taken by our great friend, Jenna to see Dr. Anderson, who patched him up and has been giving him a safe home at her clinic in Greenville, SC ever since.

These good people did not look away when trouble came to their door. They had to spend their time and resources caring for a cat that was not their own. Their efforts gave Will the second chance he needed and now thanks to the donations we received Will's Vet bill we be paid and he go on to live a long, happy life with his new family.

Go, Will! Wooohooo!

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Not on My Watch: Shhhh...Breaking News

With such sad news today, I wanted to let you all know that there ARE some very joyful things brewing behind the scenes. It's been going on for a few weeks now, but I don't want to completely spill the beans until things are finalized, but...


Does this cat look familiar? He should, by now! Do you think I'm going to tell you he got a Rescue Placement? Or...a Home? Did I have something to do with this? You know me!

And who is this cutie? You've never seen her before. She looks like she's in a cage? Is she going to be busted out soon?

teaser 2.jpg

What a face! What the heck is going on over at Covered in Cat Hair? Have we lost our minds? Who are these kittens?

teaser 3.jpg

Truth is...we never stop working on rescuing kittens in need.

These kittens are all together and are hoping to find homes. Their next stop...just you wait and see. I promise to tell you more soon!

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Spencer Knows...

Sam came into my office to talk to me about the kittens. I had just stopped crying and, of course, started right up again once he took my hand. We both talked about how terrible the news was and how frustrating it all is...then something strange happened.

My big pouffy cat, Spencer ran into the room. He came over to me and put his front paws on my leg. Spencer NEVER does this. I could tell he was trying to get on my lap, circling me for a better angle to jump. He came at me a few times, paws on my legs. Finally, I sat back and put my legs together and patted my chest. He jumped up on me and started to purr loudly, rubbing his face against mine.

In the six years I've had Spencer, he has NEVER tried to get in my lap while I work. At night when I sit on the sofa, sure or when I'm laying in bed he'll drop onto my face! But...never in my office, when I'm so very sad.

I honestly think he was trying to comfort me. Or maybe he just wanted lunch?

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Not on My Watch: Heartbreak Times Three

This morning I was notified that one of the litters we were working on saving "got sick." I don't know if it was a simple URI or worse, but it doesn't change the fact that due to the strict health standards at Henry County-the kittens were "humanely" euthanized.

We didn't get a chance to intervene or a chance to pull them. We didn't find out until it was too late. I am horrified, sick, brokenhearted. I know that sticking my neck out and offering to help at High KILL Shelters means, that some times there isn't a happy ending-more often than not these cats don't make it out alive.


It's just that I was planning for them to be here and trying to figure out how we could make the costs work out and so hopeful we could raise enough money in time to help them. We were so ready to have a house filled the the brim with kittens this holiday season and now...I don't know.

Barb has a bad cold and is "done" for today. She gave me the news and then signed off. I don't blame her a bit. How can we go on when we have to face the reality-THEY DO DIE. THEY DO DIE EVERY DAMN DAY and THEY WILL KEEP DYING UNTIL WE GET EVERYONE TO SPAY & NEUTER THEIR PETS AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ANIMALS FOR THEIR ENTIRE LIVES-not DUMP THEM WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH.

I doubt I will ever see the day when this sort of thing doesn't have to happen. It's too hard to change everyone's perception about animal care. This happened on MY WATCH. Right under MY NOSE. I am pissed at myself for not doing more and I wish so much I could tell those kittens I'm sorry I let them down!!!! I'm really trying to make a difference, but right now...well right now all I can do is cry.

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Madly in Love: GIANT Kitty at Henry County!

I don't know much about this HUGE kitty, other than he isn't neutered-no kidding!

AC 11.13.09 028_in love.jpg

Don't you love him? Isn't he amazing??! I am so in love with this big boy! All I know is he's at Henry County Care & Control. I'll find out more tomorrow, I hope. He is one awesome cat, if you ask me. I don't know why anyone would give him up, but he's so dirty and not being neutered, I don't think anyone cared much for him. I hope he doesn't have FIV+. Oh boy I can't start worrying now. I can simply appreciate his wonderfulness and hope he will be all right. He's too old for me to take, but oh boy would I love to adopt him! I hope lots of other folks feel the same way so he can get a great home soon (and a bath).

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Not on My Watch: Helping Winging Cat Rescue Help Henry Co. Kitties

Henry County Care & Control is bursting at the seams. Our friend, Barb, at Winging Cat Rescue, has offered to pull some of the adult kitties out of Henry before they are euthanized. This is a HIGH KILL Shelter. More cats come in than come back out alive. It's a sad sad fact.


Barb and her team have asked me to include this fundraising widget for their latest "BUST" of cats from Henry. Even if you can only donate $1, it helps, so please consider lending a hand to our little furry friends.

As always, thank you so much! The kitties thank you, too!

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