My beautiful little girl, Rayne

I've been lurking here for a while, so I figure it's about time for me to introduce the world to my darling cat, Rayne!

I adopted her on July 8th 2006 from the West Warwick Volunteer Animal Shelter in Rhode Island. She was only 9 weeks old. Her exact birth date is unknown so I celebrate her birthday each year on May 1st. According to the lady running the shelter, Rayne was dropped off at the shelter one morning with her 2 sisters and her brother. All four kittens were solid black from head to toe. They were WAY too young to be away from their mama cat, so she took them home to foster them. All four kittens were bottle fed. Rayne was the runt of the litter, but she was also the kitty in charge! Her foster mom called her Jenny, and she liked to show Lizzie, Hailey and Sebastian (her siblings) who was boss!

I'll never forget the day I met her. I was going through a rough time, and I really needed a friend. My mom saw her sister Lizzie on pet finder and showed me the picture. I started scrolling through the other cats in that shelter, and then I saw her - I knew she was my cat. A few days later, we were at the adoption fair at a nearby Petco. When her foster mom arrived, I knew my girl right away - she pushed the other kittens out of the way and strutted out of the carrier as if she owned the place! I picked her up, took her home, and she's been by my side ever since!

Here is the picture that made me fall in love:

You can see her "profiles" here: and here:

Pictures here:

Videos here:

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Covered In Cat Poop

So, my foster kitten Ollie has a condition I call "Leaky Butt." His vet visits showed that his testicles haven't yet dropped (for a moment I wondered if he was a hermaphrodite and made a mental note to look up local sociology professors, preferably ones with an academic interest in gender, but I digress). Because his little boy bits are still in his body, they're messing up the landscape for the organs that are supposed to be there. The result: anal gland issues and an irritated bum that doesn't always clue him in when he has to poop. The leaks aren't every day, and I help keep him clean and treat him with Animax, but there is the occasional surprise poo appearance.


Last night was one such occasion. Ollie got on my bed and smelled like he'd just used the litterbox. I was only half conscious and didn't think any more of it. And then my alarm went off. I opened by eyes and saw an Ollie-sized skid mark on the pillow next to mine. Ew. I sat up to find another skid mark on the blanket. Gag. I went into the bathroom to find a skid mark on my shoulder and a Rudolph-esque poo dot on my nose. Getitoffgetitoffgetitoff!!!!! Apparently Ollie had to try out a couple of areas on my slumbering body before he decided to settle down.

After taking the kind of shower the government gives to people who are exposed to nuclear matter and doing a big ol' load of laundry, I can't help but laugh. The poor kid can't help it, and once he's neutered in 2 weeks, he shouldn't ever have the issue again.

I just can't get mad about it. Could you?

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Foster Cat Journal: The is No Free Lunch...well not much longer, anyway.

lunch time_b.jpg

I don't often see my foster Mamas feeding their offspring, as my foster Mamas are usually feral and won't nurse in front of me. Last night I saw CallaLily, dwarfed by her kittens. Not all of them could even take any nourishment from her now that they're 8 weeks old. There's just no room for all five of them!

The kittens are eating solid food, but I guess old habits die hard. In a few days, Mama is going to be spayed and the lunch bar will be closed! Calli needs a break. She's quite thin and I can tell she's tired. She's been an awesome Mama, but this Mama needs time to regain her strength so she'll be ready for a forever home soon.

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Not On My Watch: Memorial

Last week I broke the news about a sweet Mama cat and her two kittens who were one of many facing euthanasia at Henry County Animal Care & Control in Georgia. This came just a day after the joy of knowing we broke about 20 cats and kittens out of the same shelter. For some, it was literally a few hours before their time was up.

I asked for help for Angel Mama, knowing my resources for a foster placement are few and booked up with the first batch of Henry cats. There are lots of other rescue groups and families who could have offered to take them, but no one stepped forward. It weighed heavily on me, but I know there are lots of reasons why no one comes forward. One being the obvious problems with lack of open shelter space, donations are down from the poor economy, the difficulty rescue groups have placing adult cats vs. kittens. Yes, I get it, but I don't want to tell myself that it's okay for these kitties to die because of this or that's just not right.

Then I thought about the numbers again; 300-500 animals are KILLED every MONTH at just Henry, alone. To me these are not only staggering statistics, they are immoral, wrong, atrocious. Then I found out that GA kills MORE animals than the ENTIRE United Kingdom every year! It was then I realized that I have to try to find a way to fix this terrible situation. I can't live knowing this is going on. I can't turn my back on it and I won't. I need to dig in and get some answers and find a solution. No more death. This is so wrong.

Yesterday I heard that 48 cats were at risk of being put down at Spaulding, in GA. By now they may all be dead. Maybe a few escaped to rescue groups. Maybe a few were given another day or two. I don't know any more than that. What I do know is bad enough. Who the HELL can put these animals down? How do they wake up it the morning and look themselves in the mirror? I know they are struggling, but why do they accept that this is the solution. I know. I am not walking in their shoes. I couldn't. I hope, that if they want help, they will reach out. We want to help them, but we need to find a way that respects both the people involved, as well as the animals.

Up until last night, I figured this post was going to be a memorial to the 48 cats at Spaulding and this lovely cat and her curiously marked offspring. They would fade into memory as just being another statistic. Three more cats who will never have a chance at a decent life because whoever cared for this mama, did not bother to have her spayed and chose to give her up to a place knowing she would be put down. I have no compassion for these people. I need to find it, but right now, I can't. There are so may programs and vouchers and Vets-for animals to not be spayed or neutered in this day and age is a shock to me. Do we live in a third world country?

Who, in their right mind, thinks it's still "cute" for the family pet to have a litter of kittens or puppies just to show their own children "the miracle of birth;" not taking into consideration the ripple effect of having more intact animals who will continue to multiply? I'm sick. I'm really pissed. Who, in their right mind doesn't know there is a SERIOUS problem with companion animal overpopulation? How many stories, like this, have to be told before everyone gets it?

There are kitties who died today and others that will die tomorrow. I ask that you consider finding a place in your heart to take a moment and think of them. Say a prayer or just think good thoughts so that somehow their short lives will have had some meaning. Somewhere maybe you could think about opening up your home to a shelter cat some day, like the ones here, so they don't need to be a statistic, too.

So what of this mama cat? Some will call it a miracle. I might be inclined to agree. Yesterday, a Vet who does S/N for one of the shelters, rescued this family! I don't have much more information on them, but I feel a great sense of relief. At least this family didn't have to die, too. At least this family will know a loving home, one day and this little family will get to have a happy ending, instead of ending.

AC8.19.09 039_rez copy.jpg

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The Tweetie Chronicles: The A Word!

At last! Word has come in to CiCH HQ that Sockington, and Penny (with great reluctance) have decided to move forward and make Tweetie's "visit" a permanent one. Yes, I can finally announce that


I heard from a reliable source that Socks will sit outside Tweetie's room and wait for him to come out, instead of hiss or run off and hide whenever he sees the little guy. I believe that Socks actually misses the him when they're apart!

Tweetie the end.jpg

The photo that started it all...along with it a simple question; "Are you my daddy?"

Tweetie will undergo a name change at some point. We're not sure what it will be or when it will be announced, but rest assured, as soon as I know, you'll know, too.

Congrats, Tweetie! I'm sure I'll see you again on one of your Twitter Pages or on Sockington's web site or on TV or in a Book! Shoot! I knew I shoulda gotten your autograph before you left here!

UPDATE: Looks like the rumors are NOT true. Tweetie's name has NOT BEEN CHANGED TO, Oliver or Cousin Oliver! It's a character reference from the Brady Bunch, not his new name.

Sweet Dreams

sleepytime_kitties copy.jpg

Sunshine & Shamus no longer have to worry about being eaten up by fleas and can finally get a good night's sleep. Now if I would stop drinking tea, maybe I would, too.

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Latest Batch o' Cat Names

Thank you for all your suggestions for names for the kitties! If I didn't choose yours, don't fret. I'll have more kittens in a few weeks! Lots of chances for names!

Here's the new crew:

the gang copy.jpg

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Misc. Updates That I just Can't Seem to Get Around To...

Malibu, Nova and Felixia are back at ANC HQ waiting to find their forever homes. Fe is doing much better now that she's had a good course of antibiotics and is beginning to put on some weight. Nova, we hope, will be adopted soon. Malibu has continued to come out of his shell and is a very loving kitty. He's getting rather big and we're a bit worried we won't find him a home soon. Seems the younger kittens go first. Isn't that often the case?

As for my own cats, poor Gracie STILL battles miliary dermatitis. Her flare ups are still bad, still constant. She's still getting bi monthly shots and occasional baths (but I should give her more). It's been almost a year since this started and I have little hope we will ever find a cure for her. It's very sad. I fear my last options are either to put her on steroids, which I've avoided at all cost, or try to re-home her, which would make me feel like a failure. She may be unhappy with all the other cats here, but she was fine for years, then suddenly broke out. My thought is that it can't be the other cats bothering her, then...but...then what is causing her allergic reactions?

gracie bath.jpg

Bob has been doing fairly well, though I'm starting to worry about him He's not eating as well as he it his sense of smell starting to go? He's vomited a small amount of water the past two mornings. I fear pancreatitis flare ups with him!

Nicky still has problems being constipated and he seems a bit down. We've been giving him stool softeners, but not enough. Gotta ramp up on that. I think this cat has a funny metabolism. First he would get urinary blockages up from his food and that meant lots of ER trips. He's not blocked any more, but now his colon is getting packed up. I can't figure out what is the culprit. The other cats don't suffer with this problem-even Nicky's own sister.

Nicky lookie.jpg

All the other buggers are doing fine. Some times I forget they're all getting older. How is it that Nick and Nora are 9 now? Spencer is about 7 and no one knows how old Bob is, but it's easily over 10. Where did the time go?

The foster kittens and Cali, the mama are doing better this morning. Everyone ate their breakfast and started to play right away. No litter pan accidents, thank goodness and their overall condition seems much improved.

1 2 3 cute copy.jpg

No names picked out for the kittens yet. Will work on that today. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Not On My Watch: Zabby Update

If you recall, a few weeks ago, I wrote a few post about Zabby, an injured 8 month old kitten at Henry Co. facing a dismal, if any, future.

Thanks to the generosity, kindness and hard work of many people, instead of being euthanized, Zabby was not only pulled from the Kill shelter, but vetted so her paw could heal while she was in the mandatory two week quarantine period. She was transported to Catnip Cottage in South Carolina, to live until she was adopted. In fact she wasn't at Catnip Cottage for very long at all. She was so sweet and well adjusted that she was immediately added to an Adoption Event. That very day, a lovely couple adopted her, who felt they were ready for a new kitty, as their's had died 6 months previous at the age of 18.

kat5_henry_zabby_adopted copy.jpg

Congratulations, Zabby!

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Foster Journal: Day One, CallaLily & Her Babies, Name Game

This is what I saw at 6am! Kittens and Mama are DONE with captivity and WANT OUT, even if it's a few hours earlier than I am supposed to let them out. Oh well.


I've only got two names picked out so far, so if you have suggestions for a name for this little girl. Now is the time to suggest one!


In honor of our good friend Andrew on Twitter, we're going to name this little cutie, Andie (like Andie McDowell, the actress). Yes, I know Andrew is a gentleman and this kitten is a female but I think Andie is my bestest kitten, super outgoing, friendly and adventurous so she should carry the honor of the name!


Next is one of the beautiful buff tabby boys.


Here they are together

Double trouble copy.jpg

Got name ideas other than: Double Trouble!


I don't know brother number two looks so cranky! He's probably tired from all those nasty flea bites draining his little body.


Dilute calico/tabby mix. I call it Tabbyco. Is there a name for it? Calitabby? She's a cutie!


This is mama! I'm calling her CallaLily. She's got great tabby/calico markings. She's REALLY sweet and chatty with her babies. She's very easy going and goofy and likes to play. I don't think she's much older than 2, if even that old. Cali is going to need a home, too! If you live in CT and would like a charming new companion, I've got one for you!

The kittens are close to, if not over 8 weeks old so they will get s/n very soon and be ready for adoption in another week! Yay!

But first...I need names!

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