Misc. Updates That I just Can't Seem to Get Around To...

Malibu, Nova and Felixia are back at ANC HQ waiting to find their forever homes. Fe is doing much better now that she's had a good course of antibiotics and is beginning to put on some weight. Nova, we hope, will be adopted soon. Malibu has continued to come out of his shell and is a very loving kitty. He's getting rather big and we're a bit worried we won't find him a home soon. Seems the younger kittens go first. Isn't that often the case?

As for my own cats, poor Gracie STILL battles miliary dermatitis. Her flare ups are still bad, still constant. She's still getting bi monthly shots and occasional baths (but I should give her more). It's been almost a year since this started and I have little hope we will ever find a cure for her. It's very sad. I fear my last options are either to put her on steroids, which I've avoided at all cost, or try to re-home her, which would make me feel like a failure. She may be unhappy with all the other cats here, but she was fine for years, then suddenly broke out. My thought is that it can't be the other cats bothering her, then...but...then what is causing her allergic reactions?

gracie bath.jpg

Bob has been doing fairly well, though I'm starting to worry about him He's not eating as well as he it his sense of smell starting to go? He's vomited a small amount of water the past two mornings. I fear pancreatitis flare ups with him!

Nicky still has problems being constipated and he seems a bit down. We've been giving him stool softeners, but not enough. Gotta ramp up on that. I think this cat has a funny metabolism. First he would get urinary blockages up from his food and that meant lots of ER trips. He's not blocked any more, but now his colon is getting packed up. I can't figure out what is the culprit. The other cats don't suffer with this problem-even Nicky's own sister.

Nicky lookie.jpg

All the other buggers are doing fine. Some times I forget they're all getting older. How is it that Nick and Nora are 9 now? Spencer is about 7 and no one knows how old Bob is, but it's easily over 10. Where did the time go?

The foster kittens and Cali, the mama are doing better this morning. Everyone ate their breakfast and started to play right away. No litter pan accidents, thank goodness and their overall condition seems much improved.

1 2 3 cute copy.jpg

No names picked out for the kittens yet. Will work on that today. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Not On My Watch: Zabby Update

If you recall, a few weeks ago, I wrote a few post about Zabby, an injured 8 month old kitten at Henry Co. facing a dismal, if any, future.

Thanks to the generosity, kindness and hard work of many people, instead of being euthanized, Zabby was not only pulled from the Kill shelter, but vetted so her paw could heal while she was in the mandatory two week quarantine period. She was transported to Catnip Cottage in South Carolina, to live until she was adopted. In fact she wasn't at Catnip Cottage for very long at all. She was so sweet and well adjusted that she was immediately added to an Adoption Event. That very day, a lovely couple adopted her, who felt they were ready for a new kitty, as their's had died 6 months previous at the age of 18.

kat5_henry_zabby_adopted copy.jpg

Congratulations, Zabby!

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Foster Journal: Day One, CallaLily & Her Babies, Name Game

This is what I saw at 6am! Kittens and Mama are DONE with captivity and WANT OUT, even if it's a few hours earlier than I am supposed to let them out. Oh well.


I've only got two names picked out so far, so if you have suggestions for a name for this little girl. Now is the time to suggest one!


In honor of our good friend Andrew on Twitter, we're going to name this little cutie, Andie (like Andie McDowell, the actress). Yes, I know Andrew is a gentleman and this kitten is a female but I think Andie is my bestest kitten, super outgoing, friendly and adventurous so she should carry the honor of the name!


Next is one of the beautiful buff tabby boys.


Here they are together

Double trouble copy.jpg

Got name ideas other than: Double Trouble!


I don't know brother number two looks so cranky! He's probably tired from all those nasty flea bites draining his little body.


Dilute calico/tabby mix. I call it Tabbyco. Is there a name for it? Calitabby? She's a cutie!


This is mama! I'm calling her CallaLily. She's got great tabby/calico markings. She's REALLY sweet and chatty with her babies. She's very easy going and goofy and likes to play. I don't think she's much older than 2, if even that old. Cali is going to need a home, too! If you live in CT and would like a charming new companion, I've got one for you!

The kittens are close to, if not over 8 weeks old so they will get s/n very soon and be ready for adoption in another week! Yay!

But first...I need names!

Welcome to Covered in...Fleas?

Welcome aboard to my new Foster kitties. Mama and five kittens. Every one of them is COVERED in FLEAS! Our Director said it was the worst she's seen and was surprised the kittens were even alive!

They're older than we thought. Pretty close to eight weeks, but not weaned properly and have supposed litter box issues. Woohoo! Fun!

the new crew copy.jpg

At least Mama, not well pictured here, is nice. Whew. Right now everyone got Capstar and Advantage treatments and got de-wormed. Next I have to figure out how to deal with this flea issue for the coming weeks. I did flea spray in the room, since you may know one of my previous fosters showed signs of having fleas. At least the spray is supposed to work for 120 days. Hope they weren't kidding!

Right now everyone is locked up in a big dog crate until tomorrow afternoon, at which time the Advantage will have started working. Poor kitties. They just want to get out! I've hardly touched them except to flea comb a few of them-and the results were not bad at all.

I keep feeling like I have creepy crawlies all over me, but my hair is really long, so I'm going to blame that as the culprit, though my hair doesn't reach my knee!

Oh brother! Now what did I get myself into?

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Not On My Watch: Step Up

Everyone has been so great, helpful, generous and I realize there's a point of exhaustion where people won't want to help any more or have helped as much as they can---then I ask again for more.

I've weighed the options of bringing to bear news of yet another Mama and her babies, who need rescuing from Death Row at Henry County in Georgia. Henry Co. puts down 300-500 animals a month. It's atrocious. Saving three won't make a dent, but look at these guys. I think they're worth making an effort over.

This morning I got these photos and they really stuck with me. I've decided that even if it turns readers away, it doesn't hurt to ask; "Can you help one more time? Can you step up and find this litter a licensed rescue organization who will foster them together until they can be adopted? Can you step up and offer to adopt one of these cats?" I'm not sure of how that works out, but I can find out FOR YOU. I'll help make it as easy as possible.

These cats, if Mama gets a negative result on her combo test, can come to you already vetted and ready to go. We can arrange transport. We may even be able to raise all the funds we need for their care. It would be little for you to do, other than step up, raise you hand and say; YES!

Here's our latest Mama. She and her babies have such beautiful and unusual markings!

AC8.19.09 028.jpg

This little one is so cute!

AC8.19.09 030.jpg

AC8.19.09 031.jpg

Same kitten as above, but check out his chin! I didn't know kittens could have goatees!

AC8.19.09 032.jpg

Perhaps over the weekend, someone will find a friend who works at a shelter who can make room for them or who wants to adopt one of these cuties. They don't have much time and, in fact, even tomorrow may be too late. I wish I could take them, but I truly do have a full house of 13 plus 3 more coming and my newcomers have fleas very seriously. I'm willing to donate money and make calls and write emails.

If you want to help, just contact me (see sidebar to the left) and I'll get the ball rolling.

We make change happen together, by stepping up and saying, NO. No more death for those that have just begun their lives. Let's find a way.

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Not On My Watch: Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime? (or dollar?)


We need to raise some money to cover "Last Chance Mama's" boarding, vet costs, shots. If you can help, even a few dollars, please add your donation to the

WCR web site. On it you'll find the most recent kitties in need of assistance, including our girl, "Last Chance"/Lily.

WCR is a registered 501(3)c non-profit so your donation is also tax deductible.

Not On My Watch: The "N" Word


Thanks to your donations, all the mamas, below, had their combo tests and test came back NEGATIVE, meaning they are CLEARED for fostering/quarantine for a bit less than two weeks and then on to their new foster or forever homes! THESE CATS ARE NO LONGER AT RISK OF BEING EUTHANIZED!

3651b_sm_neg copy.jpg

Huggy Mama is cleared and ready for her bright future!

kate+8_neg copy.jpg

Kate + 8 are cleared and ready for their bright future!

cat2_neg copy.jpg

Cali Mama is cleared and ready for her bright future!

Last Chance Mama, not pictured here, but below a few posts down, will be getting her combo test on Tuesday. Please think good thoughts for her!

I'm SO GLAD to be able to bring you ALL GOOD NEWS! We can now feel comfortable breathing both IN and OUT (until Tuesday! ACK!).

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Big News! Time to do the HAPPY DANCE!

Huggy Mama is OUT of Henry Co. and on to her temp. foster home. Instead of going to Indiana, she is coming right HERE to Covered in Cat Hair HQ for fostering until she and the babies find a forever home!

3651b_sm_rezq copy.jpg

Dilute Calico Mama is OUT of Henry Co. and also on her way to a temp. boarding facility where she will be out of harm's way until she can go to her foster placement!

cat2 copy.jpg

And this my friends, this is my great joy...this mama and her babies were going to be put down today, but at the very last minute we got a SUPER GENEROUS OFFER from one of our very own, beloved Covered in Cat Hair members, Jennifer, who is graciously opening her home to these at high risk foster babies! (Apparently, Jennifer just picked out names for them, not being able to wait for them to arrive!) This morning, Barb did her magic and I made a tearful call to Robin at Henry County to ask if these guys were still available (ALIVE) and she said YES. Once I found out, we got the balls rolling and Mama will be out TOMORROW.

And yes, I will put out ONE MORE request to bring in some funds to help cover the costs for this mama and her babies, but then I will shut up for awhile. Once we have a widget set up for their donations, I will post it and if you can help, super great. If not, then just send them your love. They need that, too!


And our spare, orphan was adopted by the woman who dropped her off a few days ago. We didn't raise funds for this little one, so no harm done and we are very happy she's off to a good home!


And believe it or not, Barb and Judy have managed to rescue even MORE cats than I have photographs of! I am SO SO HAPPY that all of you pitched in, gave up money during a friggen' recession, and sent so much love and support-well THANK YOU isn't enough, but that's what I got!


We've got MORE to rescue, so let's get to it!

Poopie thing I have to add: I hate to worry alone, so you should all remember that ALL these mamas MUST TEST NEGATIVE FOR FELINE LEUKEMIA AND FIV or ELSE I am gonna CRY and they are gonna have to be PTS. I'm sorry to rain on the parade, but we got them this far...hopefully this is just the beginning of their journey to their forever homes.

THE R WORD: Chapter One

kate+8_rezq copy.jpg

Kate + 8 have been removed from Henry Co. and are off to their next stop, where they can live for the next two weeks while they are in quarantine and before they are moved off to foster care. Please think good thoughts for the kitties as Mama has to have a "combo" test which will test her for Feline Leukemia and FIV. It could be sad news if Mama has Feline Leukemia, but for now, let us focus on one phase of this journey being accomplished.

Kate + 8 are out of the KILL SHELTER!

Thank you very much Barbara at WCR for doing all the paperwork, making the calls and finding a safe haven for all these kitties, Judy with Kat5 for finding transport and boarding and Bobby for kindly transporting the kitties OUT of Henry Co., as well as all the other folks I have not met yet, who are part of this hopeful story!

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The Tweetie Chronicles: Epilogue

Two weeks ago, Tweetie went to visit Sockington & Pennycat and has yet to return. I've checked in on him quite a few times and each time he tells me he's enjoying himself and that Food Lady and Fatty, err...Mr. Scott are very nice to him, too.

He's not quite sure what to make of the pale lady cat. She gives off a funny vibe, so he's staying clear. Mr. Sockington seems strangely familiar and it's comforting to spend time with him now that "Socks" isn't hissing so often. It's also delightful to have lots more space where he can run. Living in the bathroom was getting boring. One can only play with the faucet and flush the toilet so many times.

There's still no final word on whether or not Tweetie will become a permanent member, and highest ranking, but shortest, Officer in the Sock Army, but seeing this video, gave me the feeling that things are, at least, going fairly well.

tweetie on tv.jpg

A frame showing Tweetie in his first Supporting Role, from the newly released Socksamillion video, celebrating Socks's One Millionth Follower on Twitter (though now he's at 1.03 mil). Go Socks! You can see the rest, HERE. Tweetie's getting so BIG!

I'm very proud of Tweetie and I'm glad I worked so hard to give him every chance to break the desire to return to his feral roots...and glad I had the backing from my Director to do so. It was a long, scary journey, but now looking back, things fell into place just perfectly-as perhaps they were meant to all along?

Sockington and Tweetie_CROP FRAME_B copy 2.jpg
This is my artist's interpretation showing Tweetie with Sockington. Some day I hope they'll really sit for a portrait together. Thank you to Jason Scott for allowing me to use the photo of Socks.

Will Tweetie find his forever home with Socks & Penny? Even if he doesn't, he's had a Hell of a run; the support and love of new friends from all over the world and more than a moment in the spotlight. It's far more than most (former!) feral kittens could ever dream for, but in this little kitten's case, he hit the jackpot and I couldn't have asked for a happier ending.

I'm sure Tweetie's story will continue on through his updates on Twitter; both as a spokescat for The Animal Center and also as his sly, devilish, no-holds-barred self. It's time for me to re-focus my efforts. I have more kittens to rescue; some from death row at kill shelters in the south, some from just down the street. Wherever they come from, be assured there'll be more stories like Tweetie's, filled with challenges, heartbreak and joy. I hope you'll keep visiting, Covered in Cat Hair and join me as I continue that journey learning the ropes of being a Cat Rescuer and try to maintain my sanity living with seven (and more) cats.

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